Monday, December 01, 2014

Shay's Thanksgiving Play

For Thanksgiving this year, Shay (who turned 7 on Thanksgiving day) wrote an original play for she and her siblings to perform.  Her siblings loved the costumes she designed, which consisted of headbands with either Indian headdresses or Pilgrim hats attached, but in the end, they revolted and refused to memorize their assigned lines, so the play never had its debut performance.

However, I thought it was a great play, particularly for a newly-turned-7-year-old author, so I thought I'd record it here for posterity. You know, in case any of your families want to give it that debut performance.  :)

"Thanksgiving Play"
by Shay

(spelling mistakes corrected by Mommy, to aid in your reading pleasure)

Director: The Pilgrims were sailing and found a place to land.

Pilgrim: We can live here!

Director: They found a place to live!

Pilgrim: Let's build a house for all of us!

Other Pilgrim: Okay!

Director: Their first winter was very hard.

Pilgrim: It is spring!

Director: The Pilgrims meet a new friend.  It was an Indian.

Indian: Hello.  My name is Squanto.

Other Indian: Nice to meet you!

Director: They became good friends!

Indian: We will help you learn how to plant food and cook turkey!

Director: They were harvesting!

Indians: We have worked so hard for the food.  We can have a feast.

Pilgrims: We can spend the feast together!


Elizabeth said...

You are very talented, Shay!

amypfan said...

from Carrie Graunke via Facebook:j
Awww. Brett is going to marry a playwright!!!

amypfan said...

from David Pfanschmidt via Facebook:
I love it!!!