Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 in Review: March

What a year 2013 was!  It has featured a new house, new jobs, new schools, and new skills.  Here’s the story, month by month:

Liam turned 3 on March 1.  He’s quite the adorable little man, full of cuddles and love, very polite and talkative.  We kept plenty busy this month!  The girls and I spent a “girls’ weekend” in Indianapolis with Grammy Tina and Aunt Kristin.  Then the whole family returned to Indy a week later for some spring break fun—which lasted longer than expected when we got snowed in at the Elstros’ house!  We enjoyed the bonus time with friends, but definitely increased the craziness of our next project—moving to our new house!  We were lucky enough to be assisted by my mom, Ben’s parents, and the Elstros.  With their assistance, we were mostly into the new house before spring break ended.  Our new house is in the main field of River Village at Camp Tecumseh and overlooks all the fun that happens daily!  It’s also big enough that each kid can have their own bedroom, which definitely cuts down on the fighting. :)

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