Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Quotable Kids (November Edition)

Bryn: Where is it that Dad went?  Comexico?  Cowabunga?
Me: Colorado.

This month, Bryn is very proud to have memorized her Girl Scout Promise.


Me (praying with the girls): ... and keep Papa Tom safe on his trip to the Netherlands...
Shay:  WHAT?!  Papa went to where Peter Pan lives?!

This month, Shay is very proud to have memorized both her Girl Scout Promise AND her preschool's Scissor Pledge (which basically states that she will be safe when using scissors).

Shay, on her birthday: Today is the best day ever!
Me: I'm so glad you liked it!
Shay: From now on, for the rest of my life, EVERY day is going to be the best day ever!

After spending the evening of Shay's birthday at Chuck E Cheese, we wrangled all the kids out to the car and Ben put Aiden's bucket carseat in its base. A moment later, Shay climbed in, looked at Aiden, and did a double take. "Has Aiden been in the car this whole time?" she asked. I guess she was too busy playing games inside to notice him!

Bryn was trying to play a word game with Shay, getting her to guess various words based on their sounds.
Bryn: It starts with the "th" sound....
Shay: Um... thug?


Liam has now started to use "I" properly instead of using the baby-talk version "me."  He also says his own name properly now... no more "Leemum."  That may be a nickname that sticks though!

Whenever he gets hurt, Liam cries and asks me to kiss his owie.  This month, he has started crying whenever someone hurts his feelings (usually one of his sisters telling him "no") and comes to me sobbing, "There's an owie!  You kiss it!"  Apparently these owies are on the inside...

Sometimes when Bryn gets really mad or upset, she tells us, "I want to be alone!" and then slams herself into her room.  Liam has seen her do this, and now when he gets upset, he sometimes declares, "I be alone!!"  Then he runs into his room and climbs up into his rocking chair.... where he sits, looking around and likely thinking, "This is no fun at all... why does Bryn do this??"

(I realize I'm making it sounds like Liam tantrums all the time by relating all these anecdotes, but they're all just so cute..... So one more!)
When he feels that his sisters are not being fair to him (which generally encompasses doing anything other than exactly what he wants), Liam will run through the house to find me, then lay his head against me and say "I want my mommy!"  He knows who's got his back....

He can also be rather possessive.  If he's come to me crying and one of the girls then comes and tries to explain what happened, he'll cling to me and yell, "Just MY Mommy!" 

Liam (asking to watch a movie): I watch Gumbo?
Ben: No, buddy, it's "Dumbo."  Say it with me.... duh.... duh.... Dumbo.
Liam:  Duh.... Duh.... Gumbo!

When Liam woke up one morning, he told us that he wasn't going to "let his grouchies out." Then his big sister got up, and after observing her, he informed us that his "grumpies jumped into Bryn." True story; she did seem to have a double dose of bad mood that morning.

Liam is very proud to have learned to spell his first word.... "B-O-O spells boo!"

His current favorite song is the camp hit, "Little Red Wagon."  He sings it over and over again, expecting full repeat-after-me participation from anyone in earshot.

At the end of Shay's birthday outing to Chuck E Cheese, Liam refused to leave on his own, so I picked him up.
Me: If I put you down, are you going to run?
Liam (struggling): I run away!!
Me: Okay, then I'm going to have to hold you.
Liam: No! Holding is a bad choice!

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