Monday, December 10, 2012

Giving Thanks 12/9

December 3 - I am thankful for our entire Camp Tecumseh family!  We are so blessed to live and work at such an amazing place.  I am honored to know the staff here.  The work that they do every day makes the world a better place by changing kids' lives through awesome experiences.

December 4 - I am thankful for a day of just getting stuff done--because I need one of those to catch up every now and then!  I am also thankful for an unexpected free evening with my sweet family and a fun dinner with the Langs.

December 5 - I am thankful for my husband Ben.

December 6 - I am thankful for cuddles from my kids.

December 7 - I am thankful for an unexpected dinner with Mel and Christa.  It was exactly what I needed.  I'm so thankful to have been able to spend some time just laughing and talking with Christa before her upcoming move!  And I'm thankful that Mel is such a good friend that she can tell me (with love) to "snap out of it" and I can actually take that advice to heart.

December 8 - I am thankful that Ben is such an awesome dad and was able to spend some daddy/daughter time with Bryn and Shay at the Girl Scout dance tonight.  I'm also thankful for the mommy/son time that allowed me to have with Liam and Aiden.

December 9 - I'm thankful for how much fun my kids have playing with the other "camp kids"... even if some of those other kids are all grown up!

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