Monday, December 31, 2012

Quotable Kids (December Edition)

My kids continue to crack me up.....

Bryn: "I don't think I'm going to be friends with her anymore."
Me: "Why?"
Bryn: "Because she keeps saying that reading is boring.  I think that's weird.  I LOVE to read!"

Note to Santa:
"Dear Santa, Will you please, oh please, bring me a nicer sister?"
(Not sure if she's asking Santa to make Shay nicer, or if she's just planning on turning her in for a newer model....)


Shay: "Mommy, today was the best day of school EVER!  You know why?  Because every single kid was there!"

Shay, preparing to go to the Girl Scout Mr. and Me Dance with Ben: "Mommy, I need to borrow some of your makeup."

One morning while I was in the shower, Shay cracked open the bathroom door and called in:
Shay: Are you Ben?
Me: Um, no, I'm Amy...
Shay: Oh, I'm looking for a man named Ben. (leaves)

Sometimes when Ben and I are watching a movie and Shay wants to come in, we caution her that it might be "too scary" for her.  Today, she put on "Barbie Fairytopia" and said, "Mommy, would you like to watch with me?  It's scary... like your grown-up movies... so you'd probably like it."

In her Sunday school class, Shay made a craft of a door with Jesus behind it, centering on the verse from Revelations 3:20 ("Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.")  After we got home from church, she told me very seriously, "Don't worry if someone comes to our door, Mom.  If you hear knocking, you should answer it, because it will probably be Jesus."


Liam has been really excited about camp songs and skits this month.... but he chooses some awkward times to show off his skills.  One night while we were out at dinner with friends, he recited the entire "Captain, Captain, Captain" skit at the table.  ("Captain, the ship is STINKING!" *laughs hysterically*)  Another night, he launched into the song "60s Beach Party" at full repeat-after-me volume in the middle of a crowded room.  To double the awkwardness, that song starts with a very loud "hey everybody!".... so of course everyone in the room turned to look at him.

Ben and I got semi-dressed up (meaning more than my usual jeans and t-shirt) to go to the camp staff Christmas party.  When we got home, Liam was in bed but still awake, so I went in to say goodnight.  He looked at me, then reached up his little hand and started stroking my hair and my earrings.  Then he asked, in a very skeptical voice, "What this about?"  Apparently Mommy doesn't go out much....

One day when I was taking a nap, Liam wanted to get something out of my room.  Apparently Ben told him that he had to "be sneaky" (meaning quiet) when he came in.  I woke up to the door banging open and Liam running in, loudly announcing, "I be sneaky!!"
(To be fair, Ben claims that there was no door banging and that Liam actually made that pronoucement rather softly--but it all seemed louder to me due to my sleepy state.)

Liam: "Daddy,  hold up your hands."
(Ben obeys)
Liam: "Now put up one finger."
(Ben obeys)
Liam: "Now two fingers.... now three.... now four... now them all."
(so Ben is now holding his hands in the air, with all fingers spread up)
Ben: "So you want me to 'hold my hands in the air and wave 'em around like I just don't care'?"
Liam: "Um... yes."

Liam really likes to give the "thumbs up" sign.... except that when he does it, he uses his pointer finger instead of his thumb.

Liam's favorite phrase this month is "I don't know."

He has also learned one of his sisters' phrases and uses it frequently when looking for things around the house: "You need to help me!  I have looked EVERYWHERE!"

This month, Liam is very proud to have learned to spell his own name.  "L-I-A-M spells Liam!!"

Unfortunately, he has also learned the word "hate" from his big sisters.  When I tell him "no" about anything, he looks at me sorrowfully and accuses, "You hate me."  Which is actually preferable to when he's having a tantrum and defiantly announces, "I hate you, Mommy!"  (I thought we would at least make it a few more years before the kids started yelling that!)

I'm also less than thrilled with Liam's fascination with poop jokes.  He'll sing a song and substitute in the word "poo" for the actual lyrics.  Or if I ask him what he wants to eat, he'll say, "A poopy diaper!"  All while laughing hysterically, of course.

On a funnier (to me) note, this conversation occured while we were visiting Ben's family for the holidays.  Ben was asleep on an air mattress and Liam was trying to get him up.
Liam: "Daddy, what this bed called?"
Ben: "A mattress."
Liam: "Oh.... Daddy, you need to get out of mattress!"


Still no words out of Aiden.... although he's getting much more vocal, so I imagine it won't be long before he's contributing some quotables of his own!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the MeyPfans!
L to R: Shay, Liam, Bryn, and Aiden

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sick, Party of Six

If it has seemed a bit quiet on our end lately, here's why.....

Sunday, December 9 - Bryn crawls into "Mommy and Daddy's big bed" and lays there shivering.  "I'm so cold," she whimpers.  Eventually she falls into a deep sleep, but I am woken up repeatedly by the feeling of her convulsing with chills next to me.

Monday, December 10 - Bryn wakes up with a fever of about 101.  Back to bed for her.  I spend the day pushing fluids and trying to keep her separated from the other kids.  She's lethargic and takes a long nap, but the fever breaks by afternoon, so I'm hopeful that she's feeling better.  I assume that she'll be headed to school the next day.

Tuesday, December 11 - Bryn's fever re-surges in the night.  No school for her again today.  I'm off to Kokomo for a doctor's appointment, but Ben holds the fort with the kids.  He gives Bryn some Tylenol, which she immediately throws up.  She takes a 5-hour nap.  At bedtime, Shay starts complaining of being cold.

Wednesday, December 12 - Bryn's fever is still high.  Shay is burning up.  Two girls called in sick to school.  Ben off to Indianapolis for a conference for the day.  Both girls glassy-eyed and staring into space for most of the day.  Naps all around.  Try to keep girls and boys separated.  By afternoon, I'm feeling feverish and dizzy.  Then I get a killer headache.  By the time Ben makes it back from Indy (7:30 pm), all kids are watching a movie and I'm laying on the couch with a cold washcloth on my forehead, burning up with fever.

Thursday, December 13 - Bryn is feverless, so Ben gets her off to school.  Shay and I lay in bed, fevered.  I got a runny nose and sore throat.  Shay started coughing.  Bryn made it through the day at school, but then came home and lay semi-conscious on the couch for the rest of the evening.  She started with a deep hacking cough too.  Shay's fever broke by mid-morning though, and she begged to be allowed to participate in her preschool's Christmas pagaent the next day (she was playing Mary).

Friday, December 14 - Miraculously, Shay made it through the night and morning with no fever, so she was permitted to go to school.  She played Mary in the pageant, and Aiden was Baby Jesus.  Ben's mom made the trip down to see the show.  Several people commented that Shay "wasn't quite herself" and Ben noticed her zone out several times during the show.  Meanwhile, Bryn's cough worsened, and she stayed home again.  Liam woke up with a fever of 101, crying pitifully.  He crawled into "Mommy and Daddy's big bed" and remained there for the rest of the day--except when I had to move him to the couch so I could change the sheets after he threw up on them (twice).  My fever continued.  Regretfully, Ben made the decision that we would have to bow out of our weekend plans to celebrate Christmas with his family at a hotel water park.  Kids cried miserably when informed of this decision.  After preschool, Shay crawled back into bed for a long nap.  By afternoon, her cough had worsened.  By bedtime, her fever had returned.

Saturday, December 15 - Fevers continue for me, Liam, and Shay.  Bryn is fever-free but still coughing.  Shay, Liam, and I are all now coughing as well.  Ben tries to sanitize the house and keep Aiden away from the rest of us.  Liam lays in bed, crying pitifully, "I be healthy... I be healthy, please..."

Sunday, December 16 - Liam's fever is better.  My fever is gone, but my head is so stuffed up that my equilibrium is off and I feel incredibly dizzy all day.  Shay and Liam's coughs get worse.  Bryn's gets better.  Aiden develops a deep, juicy cough.  At bedtime, Shay's fever kicks up again, rising to nearly 102.

Monday, December 17 - After a full week of illness, Bryn is recovered and goes to school.  Shay is fevered, her coughing is intense, and she throws up.  Liam's fever is lower and he's coughing too.  Aiden is also coughing.  My fever is gone, but I've singlehandledly used up three boxes of Kleenex and show no signs of improving in that area.  I call the doctor and learn that the best they can do for us scheduling-wise is to fit in the three kids for appointments (not me) with two separate doctors, two hours apart, during naptime.  I am desperate and agree.  Shay, Liam, Aiden, and I spend four hours at the doctor's office.  They hold up like champs, with minimal whining, though lots of laying on me and whimpering "I don't feel good."  Aiden starts with the fever, which is confirmed by the doctor.  She says his lungs are filled with gunk and prescribes a steroid, which she hopes will clear his lungs and lower the fever.  Liam and Shay see another doctor, who diagnoses with both with bronchitis and prescribes an antibiotic.  Liam's fever rises to 102.5 while at the office.

Tuesday, December 18 - It's currently 9:45 am.  I continue to blow through boxes of Kleenex but am fever-free.  Bryn is at school.  Shay and Liam are both still in bed, as both were up coughing frequently in the night.  Aiden's fever is low and the coughing doesn't seem to be any worse.  Ben, however, woke up dizzy, crawled back in bed, and moaned, "I think I'm sick."

Hoping to all be well by Christmas....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Giving Thanks 12/9

December 3 - I am thankful for our entire Camp Tecumseh family!  We are so blessed to live and work at such an amazing place.  I am honored to know the staff here.  The work that they do every day makes the world a better place by changing kids' lives through awesome experiences.

December 4 - I am thankful for a day of just getting stuff done--because I need one of those to catch up every now and then!  I am also thankful for an unexpected free evening with my sweet family and a fun dinner with the Langs.

December 5 - I am thankful for my husband Ben.

December 6 - I am thankful for cuddles from my kids.

December 7 - I am thankful for an unexpected dinner with Mel and Christa.  It was exactly what I needed.  I'm so thankful to have been able to spend some time just laughing and talking with Christa before her upcoming move!  And I'm thankful that Mel is such a good friend that she can tell me (with love) to "snap out of it" and I can actually take that advice to heart.

December 8 - I am thankful that Ben is such an awesome dad and was able to spend some daddy/daughter time with Bryn and Shay at the Girl Scout dance tonight.  I'm also thankful for the mommy/son time that allowed me to have with Liam and Aiden.

December 9 - I'm thankful for how much fun my kids have playing with the other "camp kids"... even if some of those other kids are all grown up!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Quotable Kids (November Edition)

Bryn: Where is it that Dad went?  Comexico?  Cowabunga?
Me: Colorado.

This month, Bryn is very proud to have memorized her Girl Scout Promise.


Me (praying with the girls): ... and keep Papa Tom safe on his trip to the Netherlands...
Shay:  WHAT?!  Papa went to where Peter Pan lives?!

This month, Shay is very proud to have memorized both her Girl Scout Promise AND her preschool's Scissor Pledge (which basically states that she will be safe when using scissors).

Shay, on her birthday: Today is the best day ever!
Me: I'm so glad you liked it!
Shay: From now on, for the rest of my life, EVERY day is going to be the best day ever!

After spending the evening of Shay's birthday at Chuck E Cheese, we wrangled all the kids out to the car and Ben put Aiden's bucket carseat in its base. A moment later, Shay climbed in, looked at Aiden, and did a double take. "Has Aiden been in the car this whole time?" she asked. I guess she was too busy playing games inside to notice him!

Bryn was trying to play a word game with Shay, getting her to guess various words based on their sounds.
Bryn: It starts with the "th" sound....
Shay: Um... thug?


Liam has now started to use "I" properly instead of using the baby-talk version "me."  He also says his own name properly now... no more "Leemum."  That may be a nickname that sticks though!

Whenever he gets hurt, Liam cries and asks me to kiss his owie.  This month, he has started crying whenever someone hurts his feelings (usually one of his sisters telling him "no") and comes to me sobbing, "There's an owie!  You kiss it!"  Apparently these owies are on the inside...

Sometimes when Bryn gets really mad or upset, she tells us, "I want to be alone!" and then slams herself into her room.  Liam has seen her do this, and now when he gets upset, he sometimes declares, "I be alone!!"  Then he runs into his room and climbs up into his rocking chair.... where he sits, looking around and likely thinking, "This is no fun at all... why does Bryn do this??"

(I realize I'm making it sounds like Liam tantrums all the time by relating all these anecdotes, but they're all just so cute..... So one more!)
When he feels that his sisters are not being fair to him (which generally encompasses doing anything other than exactly what he wants), Liam will run through the house to find me, then lay his head against me and say "I want my mommy!"  He knows who's got his back....

He can also be rather possessive.  If he's come to me crying and one of the girls then comes and tries to explain what happened, he'll cling to me and yell, "Just MY Mommy!" 

Liam (asking to watch a movie): I watch Gumbo?
Ben: No, buddy, it's "Dumbo."  Say it with me.... duh.... duh.... Dumbo.
Liam:  Duh.... Duh.... Gumbo!

When Liam woke up one morning, he told us that he wasn't going to "let his grouchies out." Then his big sister got up, and after observing her, he informed us that his "grumpies jumped into Bryn." True story; she did seem to have a double dose of bad mood that morning.

Liam is very proud to have learned to spell his first word.... "B-O-O spells boo!"

His current favorite song is the camp hit, "Little Red Wagon."  He sings it over and over again, expecting full repeat-after-me participation from anyone in earshot.

At the end of Shay's birthday outing to Chuck E Cheese, Liam refused to leave on his own, so I picked him up.
Me: If I put you down, are you going to run?
Liam (struggling): I run away!!
Me: Okay, then I'm going to have to hold you.
Liam: No! Holding is a bad choice!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Giving Thanks 12/2

November may be over, but I'm still thankful....

November 26 - I am thankful for our friends Melanie and Mike, who love our kids and have been so willing to help us out with childcare.

November 27 - I am thankful for my sweet and spunky Shaylee Grace, who came into the world 5 years ago today.

November 28 - I am thankful for Shay's preschool (Ready Set Go), her wonderful teachers, and all the friends she has made there.

November 29 - I am thankful for our local library.  The staff is just wonderful.  They know all my kids by name and know their preferences well enough to be able to recommend books for each kid, completely unprompted.  Liam looks forward to library storytime every week, and the girls are always thrilled to see what I bring home from our weekly trip.  I'm also thankful for my friend Leah, who I always enjoy seeing during library storytime--and swapping book recommendations with!

November 30 - I am thankful for living at Camp Tecumseh and having the opportunity to pick up some hours working there.  Yesterday and today I got to work with the Quilt Camp at the Leadership Center and had a great time assisting with set-up and visiting with the ladies there.  I am thankful for Ben's flexibility in scheduling to make it possible for me to do things like this.  I am also thankful for my friend Christine, who spoils me.

December 1 - I am thankful for Mike, Mel, and Jamie, who gave up their Saturday afternoons to lead songs and skits at Shay's birthday party and showed all the kids a great time.  I am thankful for Andrea, Rob, Carrie, and Steve, our friends from Indy who made the drive up here to celebrate with us.  I am also thankful for all the local friends we've made in the last year and were able to come out to celebrate with us.

December 2 - I am thankful for the laughter and enthusiasm that come with facilitating a great group at the Leadership Center, and for the fun friends (Drew, Sarah, Grace, Neal, and Christine) that I got to do it with.  I am also thankful for a long nap after a busy week!