Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quotable Kids (October Edition)

I compiled these quotes in a post throughout the month of October, then mean to post it about two weeks ago.... oops!  Enjoy my kids' funnies:


Bryn: "I don't have time to get in trouble at school.  I'm too busy learning!"

Bryn, reading aloud and then explaining in her best teacher voice: "'Hooray!' That's what it says in the illustration.  Now on to the text...."

Bryn, in her anxious voice: "My teacher says I worry too much."


Shay: "Mommy, that's a brill-i-ant idea!"

And the drama continues.... after Shay spent much of last month dramatically declaring, "You ruined my life!", I explained to her that a life is a long time and that she was exaggerating.  Shortly after that discussion, she was mad that I wouldn't pull the car over while driving to retrieve a toy for her.
Shay: "You just ruined my life!"
Me: "Shay...."
Shay, sniffs: "Oh."  Then, just as dramatically, "You ruined my car ride!!"

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Shay consistently answers, "A mermaid!"


After hearing of Shay's career aspirations as a mermaid, Liam has decided that he wants to grow up to be..... a duck.

However, he also spent three full weeks insisting that he wanted to dress as a "dungeon" for Halloween.  When I tried to get him to explain what he meant, the only information that he could offer was that "dungeons are red."

Liam uses "me" in place of "I"--as in "me do that!" or "me like that!"

Liam hates to be called a "big boy."  He always insists, "no, me little!"

One day while reading, we counted a spider's eight legs in an illustration.  Then I asked him how many legs he has, and we counted two.  He then turned to Molly and said excitedly, "Molly, me has two legs!!"

One night Liam came in to my room just as I was finishing up pumping milk for Aiden.  He looked at me seriously, then patted me on the chest and said, "Good job pumpin', Mommy!"

After scribbling on a piece of paper, Liam showed it to me proudly and said, "Me an awesome artist!"  No problems with self-confidence here!

As a continuation of that....
While playing dress-up with the girls, Liam ended up wearing a crown and a beaded necklace.
Me: "What are you dressed as?"
Liam: "Me handsome!"
Me (laughing): "Yes, you sure are."
Liam: "Yes, me look awesome."

I love the adorable little phrases that develop at 2 years of age, either because kids think so logically or because they mis-hear things.  For example:
Liam calls his bedroom his "living room."  After all, he lives there, right?
And his toy chest, which we let him play with any time he wants, he calls.... "my toilet box."

While the kids were playing superheroes:
Me: "I love you, Super-Liam!"
Liam: "Me love you too, Mommy Super."

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