Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The "Have Done" List

This morning I sat at my kitchen table, reading over my "to do" list for the week and sighing in frustration.  This week's list contains many of the same items that remained undone last week.... and the week before.  I sat there thinking, "Why can't I ever get anything done?  None of these things are very hard or would take very much time.  Why don't I ever seem to have time to do them?"  You feel me, SAHMs?

Then I started thinking about all the things I had already done this morning--things that I do every day, and things that just crop up and need to be done but never make it onto The List.  So today, I decided, instead of focusing on my To Do List, I'm going to create a Have Done List--writing down all the things I've actually accomplished.  I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by my accomplishments at the end of the day.  :)

So here's the list, which I updated as the day went on (before posting):
* 6:00--good morning!
* pump milk for Aiden
* shower, get dressed and ready
* get Bryn on the bus
* sort through baby clothes in garage to give some to my friend Jill
* feed Aiden
* empty dishwasher and put away dishes
* reload dishwasher
* tidy living room
* Molly arrives; feed her breakfast
* close out our family's September budget
* update checkbook
* update family calendar for October and November
* yet more dishes
* get Shay up, dressed, and breakfast-ed
* talk on the phone to my friend Jamie; plan playdate for next week
* get Liam up, dressed, and breakfast-ed
* start load of laundry
* pump more milk for Aiden
* check and respond to a few emails
* start this blog post
* get Aiden changed and dressed (including cleaning him up from a poopy blowout--ew)
* pack diaper bag of food and diapers; load 4 kids (Shay, Liam, Molly, Aiden) into car
* drive kids to Lafayette to meet Jill for lunch; commence with singing of children's songs, answering of endless "why?" questions, and taming of tantrums while in the car
* while catching up with friend, feed lunch to myself and 4 kids (real food for me, Shay, and Liam, baby food for Molly, and bottles for Aiden)
* change 3 diapers and supervise Shay pottying, all in public restroom
* drive cranky, overtired kids home, complete with song-and-dance routine to keep them from falling asleep in the car
* put Molly and Liam down for naps
* feed Aiden another bottle
* attempt (rather unsuccessfully) to put Shay and Aiden down for naps
* pump more milk for Aiden
* quick email check; catch up on my friend Bobby's blog
* Molly cries and wakes up; feed her a bottle and put her back down
* Shay declares she's "not tired" and gets up to play = goodbye to any personal time for the day
* make bed and tidy master bedroom
* do a sweep of the house for rogue dirty dishes (and be grossed out by how many I find)
* empty trash cans
* empty dishwasher (again)
* reload dishwasher (again)
* get kids up from naps
* load littles into the car to go and get Bryn from the bus stop
* after-school snacks for all
* go through Bryn's school papers with her; supervise homework
* feed Aiden
* clean boys' room
* put away 2 loads of laundry
* cook and serve dinner
* clean up from dinner (yes, that means more dishes)
* tidy the living room
* put away 2 more loads of laundry
* start a new load of laundry in the washer
* clean up Liam's toy cars for at least the 5th time today
* pump more milk for Aiden
* check email; catch up on reading Amy, Sarah, Rachel, Suellen, Cathy, and Melissa's blogs; update this blog

What's still ahead: soothing more tantrums (2/4 are tantruming right now), reading stories, and getting the kids to bed.

And this list mostly only includes the "chores" or "things I got done" today.... I didn't make note of reading a chapter in my book, playing cars with Liam, cuddling the kids, having a princess music jam with Shay, watching a movie with the kids, getting to hear about Jill's soon-to-be-born little girl, chatting with Christine and Jeff, laughing at Ben's jokes, or most of the other fun, enjoyable things that peppered my day.

So yeah, looking back over The List, it seems that I actually did do a lot of stuff today.  And you know what the kicker is?  Only two of the things on this "Have Done" list were on my "To Do" list.  No wonder I never get to cross anything off!!

Friends, if like me, you're feeling discouraged with your lack of "getting things done," I encourage you to make your own "Have Done" list.  It sure made me realize how much I cram into every day!

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