Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quotable Shay

Lately Shay has come out with some definite gems.  These should be good for some laughs:

Shay: "Can we watch 'Dumbo'?"
Liam: "Gumbo the scary elephant?"
Shay: "No... Dumbo is a WONDERFUL elephant!"

Shay: "Is XX* old?"
Me: "Um, I don't think so.... But how old to you think someone has to be to be 'old'?"
Shay: "Fifteen."
Me: "Uh, yeah, then pretty much everyone you know is 'old'!"
* name omitted to protect the feelings of the young!

Shay (singing): "Oh Show-Anna, don't you cry for me!  Cuz I'm going to Pajama with my Band-Aid on my knee!"

Me: "Shay, it's time for naps."
Shay: "NO!  I don't want to sleep!  You just RUINED my LIFE!"
(runs into bedroom and slams door)

One night while the girls were laying in bed with me, I got frustrated because they kept talking and no one was going to sleep.  I threatened, "The next person to talk is going to sleep in her own bed!"  A moment passed, and then Shay started singing....  Drats, outwitted again!

Speaking of being outwitted....
Me: "You need to obey and be a good example for your little brother."
Shay: "But Liam already knows how to obey!"
Me: "Oh really?  And where did he learn that?"
Shay: "From Bryn!

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Elizabeth said...

Those are priceless!! She's a clever one!