Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quotable Shay

Lately Shay has come out with some definite gems.  These should be good for some laughs:

Shay: "Can we watch 'Dumbo'?"
Liam: "Gumbo the scary elephant?"
Shay: "No... Dumbo is a WONDERFUL elephant!"

Shay: "Is XX* old?"
Me: "Um, I don't think so.... But how old to you think someone has to be to be 'old'?"
Shay: "Fifteen."
Me: "Uh, yeah, then pretty much everyone you know is 'old'!"
* name omitted to protect the feelings of the young!

Shay (singing): "Oh Show-Anna, don't you cry for me!  Cuz I'm going to Pajama with my Band-Aid on my knee!"

Me: "Shay, it's time for naps."
Shay: "NO!  I don't want to sleep!  You just RUINED my LIFE!"
(runs into bedroom and slams door)

One night while the girls were laying in bed with me, I got frustrated because they kept talking and no one was going to sleep.  I threatened, "The next person to talk is going to sleep in her own bed!"  A moment passed, and then Shay started singing....  Drats, outwitted again!

Speaking of being outwitted....
Me: "You need to obey and be a good example for your little brother."
Shay: "But Liam already knows how to obey!"
Me: "Oh really?  And where did he learn that?"
Shay: "From Bryn!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Keeping Busy

So.  Hi there.  How ya doin'?  Long time, no see.  My fault.  I've been pretty remiss with the family updates, partiallly because I've been posting so much over at Blatant Bibliophilia, but mostly just because we've been so stinking busy lately.  Here's the highlight reel:

Soccer - Both Bryn and Shay are on soccer teams this fall.  They practice every Monday night and have games every Saturday.  We got super-lucky in that both of their teams are being coached by the same guy (who just happens to be the dad of Bryn's best school friend), so they get to practice together.  Bryn actually seems to be somewhat getting the hang of it.  Shay begged to play this year (Bryn played 2 years ago in Indy, when Shay was too little, and apparently Shay hasn't forgotten that), but games are just as likely to include drive-by huggings as actual connections with the ball.  Both girls are having a great time though!
 Reading - and lots of it!  In addition to my personal goal of a book a week, we've been doing lots of reading with the kids.  Bryn has just taken off with her reading this fall, and I'm constantly surprised by her skills.  She easily pronounces words that I can't remember her ever having seen before, and she reads aloud with actual feeling and excitement, infusing emotion into the words.  That's my girl!!  Bryn has reading homework every night from her class, so Shay and Liam love listening to Bryn read to them when she gets home afternoon.

 Growing - It's hard to believe that our baby Aiden is 3 months old!  He's continuing to grow at an alarming rate.  As our last kid, he's supposed to stay little for a long time, right?!  A couple of weeks ago, we had to take him entirely out of 0-3 month clothes and move him into 3-6 month.  In the picture above, he's actually wearing some of Liam's 2T pajamas.... obviously still to big on him, but when sleep-deprived Daddy realized that he had dressed the baby in the wrong boy's clothes, we were still kind of shocked at how not-way-too-big they were.

Visits to Indianapolis - Two weekends ago, our family went down to Indy for the weekend.  We stayed with some good friends (Andrea, Rob, and kids) and got to have a Game Night to visit with many other friends (Carrie, Steve, Mike, Kathleen, Alicia, Suellen, and kids).  I also got to attend a baby shower for my friend Jill and see many other friends there.  As if all that wasn't enough, Ben and I took the kids to the Children's Museum that Sunday.  It was so fun to see Liam actually exploring the exhibits--he was just a baby in a bucket seat the last time he was there!  Then I headed back to Indy a mere two days later for a doctor's appointment (leaving the kids at home with a sitter), and added some fun to the trip by having lunch with my friends Cathy and Amy.

School - Both Bryn and Shay are full-steam-ahead with school.  After a bit of a rocky start to the year, Bryn is loving her class and her teacher.  Shay is in her second year at Ready Set Go preschool and simply loves it.  I'm volunteering twice a month at Shay's school and am on the PTO at Bryn's school, and it's very neat to be able to see all the cool things happening both places.  Above, you can see Shay and some of her classmates on "yellow day."

Cleaning - In addition to the daily messes created by the 5 kids in my house (my own 4 plus Molly, who I babysit), we've done some epic cleaning in our garage.  We hosted a four-family garage sale here last weekend.  We sold a TON of stuff, including (sniff sniff!) all the clothes that are too small for our reason to hang on to them anymore, since Aiden is our last.  Now I need to get out there and sort through the remains--I dropped a bunch off at Goodwill last night, but I still have other things to sort out for various friends.

Hope things are going well with all of you too!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

All About Shay

Shay's homework for preschool this week was completing an "All About Me" worksheet (with my help, of course).  Her answers were so cute that I thought I'd share!  Prompt is bold, her answers are regular, and my color commentary is italicized.  :)

1. My favorite color is.... purple.

2. My favorite book is.... Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?
(She has the entire thing memorized.)

3. My favorite television program is.... Backyardigans.
(Which she has never seen on acutal television.  She is basing this on DVDs she has checked out at the library.  I'm great by that.)

4. My favorite sport is.... soccer.
(She is playing on a 4-5 year old team this fall, and oh my goodness, it's so cute!)

5. When I grow up, I want to be.... a mermaid.
(Good luck, sweetie.)

6. I'm special because.... I'm Mommy's sunshine.

7. The place I'd most like to visit is.... the library.
(Clearly, she is my child!  Although this answer might have been inspired by the fact that we're going there in about an hour for a storytime.)

8. My favorite food is.... chicken.
(Although only in the format of Tyson Chicken Fries.  She turns her nose up at anything less processed.  Ugh.)

9. One thing I really want to learn is.... everything!
(That's my girl!)

10. The best thing about me is.... that I like to cuddle Mommy at night.
(Daddy may disagree with this being her best trait.... He has a hard time finding a spot in his own bed after Shay spreads out all her stuffed animals and blankies!)

11. The people in my family are.... Mommy, Bryn, me, Daddy, Liam, and Aiden.

12. My best friend is.... Parker.
(Who she has not seen since March.  Clearly I need to get on this!)

13. The person I most admire is.... my big sister Bryn.
(But only when I'm not screaming at her or hitting her...)

14. My favorite part of school is.... dot paint.