Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thursday Thirteen: Mishaps

It's been a while since I've done a Thursday Thirteen, but I thought I'd get back in the game this week...

Okay, so have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to go slightly wrong?  I had one of those yesterday.  Everything turned out just a little differently than I had planned.  A series of mishaps, if you will.  Some were funny and some were frustrating; all are listed here for your perusal:

1. Shay and I started the morning with an appointment at her preschool.  Her teacher wants to meet with each of the kids before the school year starts, to review where they stand with basic skills and to explain to them what will be different than last year.  Shay did excellently with reviewing her numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.  But when Miss Denise asked her what her last name was, Shay just looked at her blankly.  Prompting her, Miss Denise said, "So your name is Shay....."  Hesitantly, she responded, "Lee?"  (Because her full first name is Shaylee.)  We laughed a little, and I said, "No, your name is Shaylee What?"  Her eyes lit up and she responded "Grace!" (her middle name).  Hmm, apparently we need to work on this....

2. This week at camp, I have been honored with the title of Buffalo Queen.  This means that the lodge of the oldest boys (Buffalo Lodge, home to 4 cabins of 14-15 year old boys) has named me their queen for the week (they pick a different one every week).  It's definitely a high honor, and I've been showering my subjects with treats.  On Tuesday night, I baked 5 dozen cupcakes.  The kids and I took them to camp for lunch on Wednesday.  I figured that I would frost them all in the dining hall to avoid mess while transporting them.  What I did not count on was that Bryn, Shay, and Liam ALL insisted on helping me frost them.  By the time the campers arrived in the dining hall, all 3 kids were COVERED in chocolate icing.

3. Wednesday was also our last day this summer with our wonderful babysitter, Miss Rosy.  I had been planning to use the day to run errands and get done a long list of things.  Due to the preschool appointment and my duties as Buffalo Queen, though, I didn't actually make it out the door on errands until 2:00.  So much for a good, productive day!

4. My first stop was the post office.  Unfortunately, the town of Delphi is currently having a carnival--which is set up on the town square.  So I had to park and hoof it over to the post office, precariously balancing all 100+ of Aiden's birth announcements and several packages.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying to juggle all that, but thankfully, I managed to get it all there without dropping anything.

5. Next stop: the dry cleaner's, to drop off the outfits that my entire family wore to my sister's wedding (now over a month ago... so I'm a little behind on getting stuff done!).  The only person in there was a teenage girl, who told me that she didn't know how much it would cost and didn't know when I could expect my stuff back, because she was just filling in for her mom.  She took my number and told me that someone would call to let me know those things.  It's now been over a day and I haven't heard anything.  I really hope we manage to get our clothes back!

6. Then I drove the half hour into Lafayette to do errands.  While driving, my gas light came on.  My sweet sister gave me a gift card for Shell gas as a gift for being in her wedding, and while there is no Shell in Delphi, I figured that filling up in Lafayette would be a good chance to use it.  However, after much needless driving around (as directed by my iPhone), I learned that of the two Shell stations in Lafayette, one has recently closed and the other was sold to another chain.  So I couldn't use my gift card, and by the time I struck out at the second station, I was pretty much running on fumes.  Thus an expensive fill-up at a non-Shell station.

7. I then proceeded to Once Upon a Child in an effort to sell the five huge boxes of baby stuff that I've sorted out of our stash.  After lugging them all into the store, though, I learned that their wait time was going to be 3 hours.... wayyyy too long for me to stay in town.  So then I got to lug it all back out to the car and return home, defeated.

8. As a result of #6 and #7, my plan to sit at the Lafayette library and catch up on computer work also never materialized.  So I returned home around 5:00, disgruntled at having achieved so little on my last free day.

9. So I started in on making 3 batches of puppy chow for Thursday's treat for the Buffalo Brothers.... only to discover that we only had about 2 spoonfuls of powdered sugar.  This necessitated a trip back into Delphi to hit the grocery store.

10.  Due to all of this, our family was late for dinner at camp, and thus had to scarf our tacos at top speed... resulting in nasty stomachache later.

11. So then I headed over to the pool to swim laps (as part of my attempt at getting back in shape after my months of bedrest).  I had just gotten changed into my swimsuit and entered the pool area.... when 8 cabins of kids showed up to use the pool.  Defeated, I headed back to my car without getting in the pool.

12. But it seemed that I would have struck out at the pool anyway, because as I was driving home, one of our directors got on the camp radio and told everyone to get out of the pool because there was lighting and thunder.

13. Finally home, finished up chores, and ready for bed.  First Bryn pitched a massive fit about wanted to be with Mommy, so she ended up sleeping with me.  Right after I finally fell asleep, Shay came in and started crying and said she was scared to sleep in their room alone.  So I got two bunkmates last night.  (This probably worked out better for me than Ben, who decided that he didn't want risk their hysterics if he moved them, so he slept alone in their room all night.)

All in all, a long day!  Now just two days left of summer camp.... where has this summer gone?!?

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