Sunday, August 05, 2012

Baby Mammoths at Play

I've got an awful lot of catching up to do as far as posting pictures goes.  Two weeks ago, Bryn got to be a camper at Tecumseh Day Camp.  She had been anxiously waiting for that week for the entire summer, and the experience did not disappoint.  She was incredibly excited to be able to share her favorite week of the summer with her BFF Hannah, who came up from Indy for the week.  We had a full house, with my friend Andrea sleeping on our couch all week, while Hannah and little sister Hailey bunked with our girls.  Having our friends here for the entire week was wonderfully, fantastically fun.  Shay didn't even complain about not being old enough to go to Day Camp because she was so excited to spend an entire week with Hailey!  (more photos on that in another post)

Here, let me share some of the cuteness from Bryn and Hannah's week at DC.  The theme for the week was "Tecumsehsaurus," and their trail group was named the "Baby Mammoths."

Here are Bryn and Hannah at drop-off on the first day:

Here they are showing off their muscles at the Parent Night on Thursday.  Clearly, the week of activity has made them very buff.

This picture cracks me up!  No idea what they were trying to do here:

Here's Bryn with their counselor Kaela:

And with their other counselor Jules:

Friends, as soon as your kids turn 5 years old, I highly recommend sending them to Tecumseh Day Camp.  Even though we live at camp and do most of the activities year-round, Bryn says that Day Camp is her very favorite week of every summer.  She talked about last summer's counselors for the entire year, and she adored this summer's as well.  The programming is excellent, and I can attest to the high quality of the staff.  Plus, if you send your kids, it's a good chance to visit us!  :)

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