Monday, June 04, 2012

2 Weeks and Counting

I am thrilled to report that at my most recent OB appointment, my doctor took pity on me and agreed to schedule an induction for this baby.  My actual due date is June 21, but we'll be going in three days early, on June 18.... in other words, a mere 2 weeks from today!  I cannot even tell you what a relief it is to have an end in sight.

This week is staff training at camp, so Ben and the kids and I have really been enjoying visiting with counselors from last year and meeting new ones.  Today, when we went for dinner, one of the new counselors told me that I was adorable and looked like I had just stuck a medicine ball under my dress.  (Of course, then she asked if I was having twins....)  Here's a picture of me and my medicine ball with 2 weeks to go:

A quick rundown on the health situation:

My varicose veins continue to be extremely painful, especially with all the weight of this baby sitting on them.  My sciatic nerve on my right side has also been flaring up really badly.  I told Ben that my entire waist region feels like a hinge--a broken hinge.  I have a really, really hard time sitting up or rolling over in the night.

Speaking of nighttime, I have a really hard time sleeping because the pain keeps me awake.  I have found that taking half an Ambien at bedtime is a real lifesaver.  While it doesn't do anything for my pain level, it does enable me to fall back asleep when I wake up (instead of just lying awake and being overwhelmed by how much I hurt).  I wake up every 45-60 minutes like clockwork, never sleeping more than an hour at a time, so even if I spent a lot of hours in bed, I'm still pretty worn out.

The "worn out" these days is also largely due to the fact that I picked up a nasty cold/sore throat combo from Liam and it is totally knocking me out.  He was sick for four days, during which he wanted nothing but to lie on my bed with his head on my lap.  Sometimes he watched movies, and other times he just stared into space.  Now that I've got it too, I totally understand why he did that.  It has utterly drained me of all energy, and pretty much all I want to do is lay down as well.  Today is my fourth day, so assuming that I follow Liam's model, I'm hoping that I will soon be on the road to recovery as well.  Better be soon, because with as drained as it's got me feeling, I honestly don't know if I could push out a baby right now!

So for the time being, I continue to spend a lot of time in bed, sitting on the heating pad (not really all that comfortable in 100 degree heat, but does help my back).  In case you haven't noticed from my many posts about books lately, I've been doing a lot of reading.  I've also been doing a lot of napping.  I do manage to get out of the house for meals at camp and some trips to the library (since Bryn insisted on signing up for every single program that they offer this summer.... chip off the old block, that one!).  Our summer sitter, "Miss Rosy," is an absolute godsend.  She takes great care of the kids and me.  In addition to keep the kids happy and amused (including many craft projects that I never would have thought of), she has also done my laundry and mopped my floor.  I may not be willing to let her return to the school system at the end of the summer.

So two weeks and counting!  Looking forward to the arrival of Number Four and all the excitement that will hold.


Cathy Willman said...

I say it's more of a beach ball than medicine ball. But you still look great! Here's to only two more weeks of baby baking! Woohoo!

amypfan said...

May look like a beach ball, but feels more like a medicine ball.... heavy!!