Tuesday, May 29, 2012

William David: Our GoodBoy

It always seems a little foreign to me when someone else refers to our little buddy as "William."  Although that's his full name, we've never called him anything but Liam.  He's now 2 years old (almost 27 months) and getting to be quite the big boy.  Whenever I ask him, "Who is Mommy's good boy?" he enthusiastically replies with "Limam!" (Lee-mum), which is his pronounciation of his own name.

In a lot of ways, I see both of his sisters' personalities in his, which isn't that surprising, since they are the superstars of his world.  In most ways, he is a lot like Bryn: he's serious and deliberate, and he loves to read, cuddle, and do puzzles.  But it's Shay who's his hero.  He follows her around all day long and willingly copies anything she does.  So it's not unusual to find the two of them dancing in the living room to songs that Shay has made up, or to need to pull Liam down from the furniture after he has climbed up there in pursuit of his adventurous sister.

All three of our kids have been quick learners, but I really think that Liam is the quickest yet.  He loves numbers, and this week I heard him make it from 1 to 22 before getting stuck.  Now, I don't think that he could actually count 22 items; it's more that he just knows the order the numbers go in, but he can count and comprehend up to 5 or 6 or so.  He knows the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, and a wide variety of camp songs by heart.  I swear the kid has a dictionary in his head, because he constantly surprises me (and everyone else who comes in contact with him) with all the words that he knows and can use in context.  He knows all his body parts and cracks me up with is impersonations of animal noises.  He loves to read books (preferably while snuggling with Mommy) and even has a few of his favorites memorized.  I think he's a little smartie-pants, but I also think that a great deal of his motivation in learning so much so quickly is an effort to keep up with his big sisters!

I've often heard the parenting stereotype that "little girls are more verbal and little boys are more physical."  As I said, Liam is ahead on the verbal curve, but he's also significantly more physical than his sisters were at comparable ages (although Shay was more of a daredevil than Bryn, and Liam is more than Shay.... so clearly we're going to need to watch out for this new baby!!).  He loves playgrounds, particularly swings and slides, and seems to fear no height.  He's the only one of our kids who will actually put his face in the water at the pool.  He jumps with both feet in the air, and he's got this adorable little run (really more of a scamper) that he constantly uses to get from place to place--walking is just too slow!  He's a rough-and-tumble boy already, constantly falling down and cutting or bruising himself, but he always refuses bandaids--just a kiss from Mommy is good enough to get him moving again.

In spite of all these big-boy developments, our Liam is still a sweet little cuddlebug.  There's nothing that he likes better than being held, hugged, and kissed, and his most common request is "hold you!" (which means that he wants me to pick him up so he can wrap his arms around me and give me a good squeeze).  Whenever he sees a picture of himself, he identifies it as "baby Limam," and when I ask him if he's a baby or a big boy, he always answers "baby."  Unlike his sisters, who were wild to become big siblings for the first time, he doesn't seem to understand the concept that there is a baby in my belly and is no hurry for his brother to arrive.  (Sorry, little dude, he's coming anyway.)

He has such a kind heart, and whenever I'm upset about anything (ahem, hormones), he comes over and cuddles me and asks, "Okay, Mommy?"  He has the greatest, most infectious giggle, and I can already predict that his big blue eyes with the super-long lashes will make him a heartthrob when he gets a bit older.  I'm happy to keep him as my baby for as long as he wants though!

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Ragfield said...

As I read this I had to keep reminding myself that you're describing your William and not ours. It sounds like these two have an awful lot on common.