Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shaylee Grace: Our Sunshine

When Shay was about to turn 2, she and I took a Kindermusik class, and her very favorite song, which she sang over and over again for months, was "You Are My Sunshine."  She would tell me seriously, "Shaylee [is] Mommy's sunshine."  And it's true--she was then, and she still is now: my sunshine.

Shay is now 4 1/2 (half-birthday is actually tomorrow) and a bundle of energy.  This may be due, in part, to the vast amount of sugar she consumes.... I've heard her ask for candy at least 10 times today already!  (Disclaimer: no, she does not receive it every time she asks.)  First thing every morning, she asks for candy--before breakfast.  And then so on throughout the day.  She loves both hot dogs with ketchup, and peanut butter and honey toast, but she's pretty hit-or-miss about food other than that.  Some days she's a great eater; other days she's too busy running around to be bothered.

If Shay were a candy herself, I think she would be a SweetTart.  She is a unique mix of sweetness and sass, utterly distinctive.

On the sweet side: Shay only sleeps in her own bed once in a blue moon; on most nights, she bunks with me.  One of my very favorite parts of the day is always the first five minutes that she's awake.  I love seeing her stretch, gradually open her eyes, and then cuddle into me for another few minutes of rest.  And then, as she wakes up, she starts talking to me, telling me about her dreams or what she wants to do that day.  I love the utter sweetness, love, and trust that she displays in those few minutes each morning.

Also sweet: About once a day, Shay will say, "I want to give you something," and then she'll come over and give me a big kiss.  When I'm upset (as the pregnancy hormones dictate that I will be), she's always the first to comfort me.  She has an awesome childlike faith, love to read the Bible, and makes up songs in which she sings that she wants to "know God more."  She actually makes up songs of all kinds all the time--like whenever she gets upset, she goes in her room by herself and sings about it.  She hugs her brother and sister all the time.  She loves to tell jokes and utterly cracks herself up (even if no one else gets her punchlines).  She loves to cuddle and read stories, and her mischevious smile never fails to melt my heart (even when I have to play it tough to be a responsible parent).

And on the sassy side: Shay can throw a tantrum on command, and it sometimes doesn't take much to get her wails going.  She definitely has a mind of her own and has no problem with telling us "no."  She sticks out that lower lip, sets her eyes a-blazing, and uses her angry voice to tell us exactly what she thinks.  Where Bryn is mild, Shay is fierce.  She holds grudges when she thinks that someone has been "mean" to her.  There have been plenty of times when we've had to take her aside and explain situations to her in order to "talk her down" from being mad.  She knows what she likes, and often, it's her way or the highway.

I love my sweet, sassy, stubborn little girl so much.  Whereas Bryn is so much like me in so many ways, Shay is sometimes a mystery to me--a mystery that I love solving, day by day.  If Bryn is much of what I actually am, Shay is just as much what I have often wished to be.  She is strong, energetic, and confident.  She is not afraid to go after what she wants.  She makes friends easily, and every day is an adventure to her.  She is brave and beautiful.  She laughs easily and loves big.  She is confident and will be a strong leader someday.  I think there are great things in store for this vivacious little girl, and I'm so excited to get to watch her journey.

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Cathy said...

Shay and Chris are peas in a pod, feisty and strong-hearted. I can't wait to see them together again soon!