Thursday, March 01, 2012

World's Sweetest 2-Year-Old

Ever since Liam was born, he has been the world's sweetest little boy.  He's always been so cuddly, content, and laid-back.  Ben and I used to joke that we should just stop having kids with Liam, since no other child could ever be as sweet and perfect (of course, that joke isn't funny anymore!).  Even as he enters the Terrible Twos and throws the occassional tantrum, I have to admit that compared to the girls at the same age, Liam is a walk in the park.

He loves to read and frequently brings books to all his family members.  He has a huge vocabulary that grows by the day.  While all of my children have been impressive talkers, I would say that Liam takes the prize.  He's determined to keep up with his two big sisters in every way, whether it be learning to count (I heard him to go 18 unprompted the other day!) or scaling the bunkbed ladder to join them on Bryn's top bunk.

At two years old, he's already developed a strong little personality (clearly a "must" to make sure he doesn't get steamrollered in this family).  When he wants to do something himself, he flatly refuses help and keeps on trying until he achieves it.  But he can also be sweet and compliant, like how we simply put him in his crib and turn out the lights at bedtime, and he drifts off peacefully to sleep by himself with minimal complaints.

He loves animals of all kinds.... and living at camp, I really do mean "all kinds"!  He is fascinated by the dogs and cats of the other camp families, and the mini-farm is his favorite attraction.  He adores the chickens and knows the names (and noises) of all the other animals.

With Liam being the first boy after two girls, it's so fun to see him develop his own set of interests.  While it's true that his sisters have occassionally talked him into wearing sparkly princess crowns to join them in dress-up, he's pretty much boy all the way.  His favorites are dinosaurs, cars, and trains.  He also loves music of all kinds.  One of his favorite playthings is the toy guitar he got for Christmas, but given the chance, he prefers to strum on Ben's real guitar.  While I am pleased to report that he doesn't know the name of a single Disney princess, he is quite familiar with the likes of Lightning McQueen and Mater, Mickey Mouse, Woody and Buzz, and Diego.  Other interests include puzzles, blocks, and coloring.

While Liam was previously our voracious eater, trying anything and everything, the arrival of his two-year molars have slowed him down considerably.  His current favorite foods are waffles and yogurt (especially GoGurt), and he would eat them for every meal if he could.  Shay has unfortunately also fostered a sweet tooth in her little brother, and he is rather partial to candy hearts (the kind that are popular at Valentine's Day) and chocolate chip cookies.

He calls both of his big sisters by name (Bryn and Shaylee), and he pronounces his own name as "Limam" (though he does occassinally slip and call himself "Aiden," an identity crisis that will surely only get worse when little brother arrives).  He's utterly in love with the little girl I babysit (Molly, almost 4 months old), and he can often be found cuddling her, kissing her, and telling Mommy that "Baby is cute!"

Here's a few shots of my sweet birthday boy in action...  We love you, Liam!!


Katie DeKoster said...

Holy cow- I can't believe he can already count to 18! Can he tutor Lincoln this summer?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM :)

amypfan said...

Katie- to be fair, I'm not sure he actually knows what the numbers mean, but he knows what order they go in! And YES, we need many L&L playdates this summer!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday, Liam! Is that a Woody doll I see? Will got one of those for Christmas and he carries it everywhere! It sounds like Will and Liam have many of the same likes :)

Andrea said...

Happy birthday, Liam!!!