Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Help Wanted

Dear friends,

I am in need of both prayers and assistance.  I am now in the 27th week of this pregnancy, and as I have mentioned before on this blog, I am having all kinds of problems with varicose veins.  I developed vulval varicocities (vaginal varicose veins) toward the end of the first trimester, and now they are spreading down my legs.  The vaginal veins are absolutely unbearable, shooting pains and intense aching all the time, and my legs are so bad that I’m having a really hard time walking.  I’m wearing 2 kinds of supporters daily, but my doctor says that pretty much all that I can keep the veins from getting worse (and oh my goodness, I cannot even image what “worse” would feel like!) is to be on bedrest.  Of course, all of this adds up to mean that I am not really capable of taking care of my kids right now (nor will I be for the next 13 weeks).

First of all, I need prayers.  Prayers for my physical pain, and prayers for my emotional state.  I just feel so absolutely helpless and frustrated, lying in bed or on the couch and watching someone else take care of my precious children.  I’m sure that all you other mommies out there can understand how much I want to be doing that myself.  (Plus, I’m sure that all the crazy pregnancy hormones in my body aren’t really making my emotional reactions any better….)

Secondly, I’m looking for help.  As you may remember, I babysit an incredibly sweet 4-month-old, so there’s her to consider in addition to my own kids.  In the short term, I am trying to cobble together a schedule of friends and family to come over and help me during the day.  If you or anyone you know and trust would have a day available and be willing to help out with the kids, please let me know—I would be incredibly grateful!  I somehow need to find enough people to cover the undetermined amount of days until we can reach a more permanent solution.

Long-term, the friend that I babysit for and I are looking to hire a babysitter/nanny to watch all 4 kids (her 1 and my 3, while she works and I’m on bedrest).  If you know of anyone in the Lafayette area who would be interested in a full-time babysitting/nannying job, please put them in touch with me.  We’d like to find someone to start as soon as possible.

Since we moved here less than a year ago, we don’t know a ton in the area (other than those who work with Ben and are on essentially the same schedule as him), so we’re really not even sure where to start in finding the help we need.  Any prayers, help, or advice would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you, friends.


Katie DeKoster said...

Amy, I am seriously praying for you right now. And will be every day from now on!!! I really, really wish I could be there to help. I know that God is working on putting the perfect person in your path right now... let's just hope that person hurries up!

Rachel said...

I let my mother in law Barbara know- she lives in Lafayette and maybe she knows of someone who can help! So sorry you are having to deal with this!