Tuesday, March 06, 2012

February in Review

Time (or past time...) for the monthly check-in on those 2012 goals:

1. Read the equivalent of a book a week.
I'm lagging sadly behind in this area.  I've only read 6 books so far this year, and since there have been 9 weeks in the year thus far, I really need to get moving.  Shameful, really, when I have a bookself full of ones I'm dying to read and an even longer list besides.  My problem is that I'm coaching the English Academic Super Bowl team at the local high school, so I've been working my way through three lengthy non-fiction pieces about the Revolutionary War to prepare for that.  Definitely not my usual style, and very slow going.  And I feel like I can't justify picking up a "pleasure reading" book until I'm done with all of those, so I've kind of reached an impasse.

2. Blog regularly.
Only six posts in February, and this is my second in March.  I would not call that "regularly."  I know I've also been bad about posting regular family updates (which was actually the point of starting this blog in the first place), so I need to get better about that.

3. Monitor my own health; stay get healthy; keep this baby healthy.
I am thrilled to report that the migraine preventative that my neurologist started me on last month has worked wonders.  I'm down to probably one migraine a week, which is what I typically get even when I'm not pregnant (and am on a different preventative).  I've actually liked this preventative really well and have had basically no side effects with it, so I'm thinking seriously about staying on it even after delivering instead of going back on Topomax.  It is rather cost-prohibitive, but for a good medication, we might just have to make it work.
In other (less happy) news, my varicose veins have been spreading.  They are really painful, all the time.  My doctor tells me that I'm supposed to spend as much time as possible sitting and elevating my feet... which is far easier said than done when I have 3 kids of my own and babysit another.  I have to wear a V2 support strap all the time (except when I'm sleeping), which creates all kinds of awkward wardrobing problems.  I also had to get fitted last week for compression hose (like the super-thick kind that little old ladies wear), and once those come in, I'll have to wear them all the time too.  Fingers crossed that the veins will go away after this baby arrives!
In spite of all my pregnancy-related maladies, though, the baby is still competely healthy and growing well, which is the important thing, so I'm willing to deal with just about anything else.

4. Organize photos and memorabilia.
I've managed to sort through (almost) all of our old photos as far back as our digitizing goes (to May of 2003).  I've got them all saved to cds by month and uploaded to Flickr.  Phew!  Feels great to have that done.  Now I just need to go back and do the 3 months that we lost when our old computer died, and then I can start scanning old(er) photos.

5. Get our house into "finished" condition.
In mid-February, Ben and I took an afternoon to figure out where to hang all our picture frames, and then he did the actual nailing.  I painted a second wall of Liam's room, but then my varicose veins prevented me from getting any further on that.  Thankfully, Ben's parents came to visit this past weekend and finished the painting for us!

6. Love, value, and respect my family.
While not "measurable," I hope I'm doing okay on this.  I admit to being a huge grump a lot of days, thanks to headaches, varicose veins, exhaustion, and other fun pregnancy stuff, but even on the "bad" days, I love my family more than anything in the world.

7. Read the whole Bible and spend more time in prayer.
I'm still up-to-date on the chronological reading plan I'm trying this year.  I've fallen behind in the book I'm doing with my Bible study group, though--largely because I've had sick kids for the last 3 weeks and thus haven't been able to make it to study, argh!

8. Be positive.
Again, I'm big with the grumpy lately.  Working on it.  Silly pregnancy hormones!!

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Maria Maras said...

Your goals and progress are inspiring, Amy. Keep it up!