Friday, January 27, 2012

What Happens at 18 Weeks

Last Wednesday (when I was 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant), my Bible study group met for the first time this semester.  We had some new members, so we all went around and introduced ourselves.  One of the questions we were supposed to answer was regarding our current "pet peeve."  In response to this, I said that while I was nearly 18 weeks pregnant and none of my clothes fit anymore, I still didn't "look pregnant."  Sure, it's obvious that I've been putting on weight, but it kind of just looked like I was getting chunky, with no clear evidence of a baby under there.  (To soothe my own feelings, I should point out that I've actually only gained 2-3 pounds, but everything has redistributed.)

So that was last Wednesday.  On last Friday (18 weeks and 1 days pregnant), I was packing up for our family to go to Indianapolis for the weekend.  (The girls and I had tickets to Disney on Ice, and in deference to my varicose veins, we had decided to spend the entire weekend with our friends Rob and Andrea, in order to give me as much time to recover from the journey before driving back.)  I've been in mostly maternity clothes and the roomier side of my regular wardrobe for a while, but on that particular Friday, nothing that I tried on seemed to fit.  My belly just seemed to be in the way of everything.

Hmm, I mused--18 weeks must be when this baby decided to "pop."  Hello, baby bump.

Sure enough, when we got to Indy, Andrea looked at me and said, "Oh, now I can see the baby!  Hello, little guy!"

By Sunday (18 weeks and 3 days pregnant), Andrea said, "I'm not sure how this is possible, but you looked signifiantly more pregnant on Saturday than on Friday, and even more so today."  Pop pop pop.

I realize that claims like this need a picture as proof.  I actually don't think that it's quite as pronounced this week as last week.... since after returning from Indy, I came down with a yucky flu and lost 3 pounds (all that I had gained) in less than 24 hours.  Ewww.  At any rate, here's the current state of the belly:

(This was taken today--19 weeks and 1 day.)

In addition to belly growth, our little guy has also been making himself known in another way this week.  When I was at my 16 week check-up, the doctor asked if I had felt the baby moving at all.  At that time, the answer was no.  Ever since then, "can you feel him moving?" seems to be the question everyone asks.  And sure enough, this week, he has simply erupted.  It's like as soon as we hit 18 weeks, I can feel him every time I lie down or sit still.  He's an active little guy.  I had Ben try to feel it one night, and I was actually really surprised that he couldn't feel anything from the outside yet, since the kicks are so strong and constant on the inside!

So there you go.... apparently 18 weeks is the magic week for this baby!


Elizabeth said...

You look great! And feeling him kick is so fun!

Andrea said...

Love the baby bump! ♥

Katie DeKoster said...

This is awesome!!! You look so, so cute. Love that little bump!!!

Cathy said...

I agree, I thought you looked cutely pregnant when I saw you on Monday. So as folks have asked, I said, Oh Yes, she looks so Adorably Pregnant! I didn't realize this was a new development.