Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Call (Part 2)

A few weeks after that brief conversation with Dave at the end of visit to camp, Ben and I drove up to Lafayette to meet Dave for dinner and discuss what all of us had on our hearts. As Ben and I made the drive, we were still completely uncertain about what the conversation might hold. We still felt God calling us to camp, but we had no idea what form that might take. As we drove, we brainstormed what either of us could possibly offer professionally to camp... and didn't come up with much. In spite of our years as counselors, we're rather lacking in "outdoor skills," and as far as we knew, there were no open positions at camp.

We had a really great conversation with Dave that night, during which he shared with us that he and camp's Board of Directors were contemplating adding a new position for a "Director of Camper Support." The person who filled this position would be in charge of fundraising for camperships, to enable kids who would not otherwise be able to afford it to attend camp. He said that he had been praying over the position for quite some time, and God had really put Ben on his heart as a good fit for the job.

Wow.... we were completely blown away. At the same time that God had been preparing our hearts to accept a role at camp, He had been working on the hearts of Dave and the Board to create just the right position. Truly God's plans for us are infinitely better than our plans for ourselves.

No decisions were made that night. The position didn't yet exist at camp, and there was a long process ahead of getting both the position and a budget for it approved. And of course, once the position was created, there was always the possibility that other people would apply for it, and maybe one of those people would be more qualified than Ben. For the time being, we all agreed to pray over the new position, to pray that if it was God's will for Ben to take the position and for our family to move to camp, that He would just keep opening the doors ahead of us.

And as the subsequent months passed, those prayers were answered. Every door opened ahead of us and every obstacle was conquered before it even became a serious concern. The call was clear.