Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reference Pathfinder

Yes, I'm still here....

The past few weeks (ahem , months...) have held a lot of craziness for the MeyPfan family, some of which will be chronicled in due time.

And thus I present the final product (or at least one of them) of my first semester as a student in the graduate school of Library and Information Science. For one of my classes, we were assigned to create a pathfinder, which is essentially a compilation of resources on one topic that we have evaluated and think would be helpful to patrons seeking further information in that area. We could choose any topic we wanted. Since I was in the thick of deciding whether to keep pumping for Liam or switch to formula, and then starting on solid foods (all of which we've done homemade), I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do my project on "infant feeding," with subtopics in "breastfeeding," "formula-feeding," and "introducing solid foods." I actually learned tons of great information (some of which I really wished I had known for my first two kiddos) and enjoyed the project... or at least as much as one can enjoy pulling together a high-stress final project in the last week of the semester while sick with a raging sinus infection. ;-)

If you'd like to view the fruits of my labor, you can do so at

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Maria said...

This is a wonderful resource! Perfect timing for me as we look ahead to introducing solids to E in two months or so.