Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Visit from Sunny

Each year, the kids' preschool has a "class pet." This year, it's Sunny (aka Sunshine Bear) because the theme for the year is sunshines. Each kid in the class gets a turn taking Sunny home for the weekend and recording Sunny's adventures in the class book. This year we are extra lucky because Sunny will get to come to our house twice! Here are some of the fun things that Sunny did on Shay's weekend:

Played in Shay's "house" on the school playground -

Got to eat a delicious bowl full of dirt -
Got to play in our yard with Shay on an ujnseasonably warm day -

And got to go out to lunch at McDonald's with Lilly, Christopher, Bryn, and Shay (all of whom are in our preschool class, and also the MOPS group that we go to on Fridays) -

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