Saturday, October 16, 2010

Over the (Blue) Moon

One final note about our trip to Peoria before moving on to the rest of our (last) week. While we were there, my mom took us out to lunch at The Spotted Cow, this great little restaurant that also happens to feature awesome ice cream. Given the promise of being able to choose any flavor ice cream they wanted, the girls obediently devoured their lunches, which is a pretty impressive feat for my picky little eaters.

My mom took Shay up the counter and started reading her the names of the flavors..... and next thing we knew, Shay had a heaping cone full of bright blue ice cream! Apparently the years between "mom" and "grandma" created a little forgetfulness in Mom's understanding of a child's psyche, because she insists that all she did was read the names of the flavors. To which I reply, yes, but saying, "Ooooh, look at that blue one.... it's called Blue Moon..." is more temptation than a 2-year-old can handle. LOL!!

Photographic evidence that Grammy was totally responsible for the ice cream mess -
Shay was over the moon with delight at her Blue Moon ice cream -

Bryn opted for a more traditonal strawberry -
Seriously, though.... We love you, Mom. Thanks for a great weekend (and for putting up with our good-natured teasing). :)

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