Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Falling Into Fall

So, so much to catch up on. Time seems to be slipping by so quickly these days. Perhaps it's my two grad courses sucking up all my time. Or maybe it's the three weeks I just spent grading SAT essays online. Or maybe it's my three children under the age of five (although not for much longer!). Whatever it is, I'm running behind (as usual).

To begin--fall is officially here. The unseasonably warm days are now behind us, and the leaves are changing color and falling off the trees. The girls love to hear the leaves crunch under their feet, but even more than that, they love to throw heaping armloads of leaves onto each other. Thankfully, they both greet this trick with peals of happy laughter--although I do have to keep reminding them that not all of their friends feel the same way. Our new-construction neighborhood has basically no leaves, so they think that the leaves on the lawn of their school are the greatest. And oh boy, you'd have thought they'd died and gone to heaven when we took them to Eagle Creek Park last weekend!

Here's the girls and their friend Christopher, rolling around one day after preschool, unable to contain their joy at the miracle of fall:

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