Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shay's FIRST Day of School

My little big girl! After spending all of last year begging me to lift her up so she could "peek" through the classroom window at the "big kids," Shay finally got to enter the hallowed halls of learning herself. She has high expectations for this year, including, "I make friends with all the boys and girls" and "We learn every day." You get 'em, baby!

Our requisite front porch picture:

Shay decided she'd rather sit than stand:

I have a very similar picture of Bryn and Mrs. DeBoer from her first day of school. I love the individual attention the kids get at St. Andrews.

This is what Shay says was her absolute favorite part of the first day of school. A dad was reading The Cat in the Hat to a little boy (actually not his own little boy) and let Shay join them. This is her favorite book, so combining that with the much-anticipated first day of school sent her over the moon.
Shay and her friend Lilly (who she knows from last year) enjoying the playground after school.

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