Monday, September 06, 2010


Remember the opening scene in "Finding Nemo," where Nemo awakens his dad by jumping on him in bed (okay, coral), shouting, "First day of school! First day of school!"?? I think our house might look a lot like that tomorrow morning.

After a summer of waiting, Bryn gets to return to her beloved teachers at St. Andrews for her third (and final) year of preschool. And after two years of peeking longing through the windows of big sister's classroom, Shay now gets to join the class and have a carpet square of her very own. That's right, the girls will be in the same class at the same school. They are both over the moon with excitement about this. Bryn has been prepping Shay on every single detail of what to expect, and Shay has been eating it up. I hope they're always this excited to start the school year! :)

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SuperSillyAunt said...

How wonderful! Enjoy every minute of it :o)