Monday, September 13, 2010


I've got several posts running through my head right now, but these are the pictures that are most accessible, so this one wins. :)

Last night we went to Fall Festival--where, among other fun, I played my clarinet in a public performance for the first time in nine years (woot woot!) and Bryn, in an effort to take commemorate the event, accidentally "took a picture of someone's bottom" (our director's). It's hard to say which caused more excitement among the kids.

But both of those events were topped by the absolute elation that ensued when the girls played the duck pond at the carnival and won these (ahem) gigantic, gorgeous plastic dolphins. Two of them, one for each daugther. I blame their friend Emily for the entire incident, as she picked both the game and the prize.

They insisted on taking baths with their dolphins last night--because clearly, dolphins love water. And there was much weeping when we would not tuck their dolphins into bed with them. But first thing this morning, the dolphins were back in the game. Their mission? To take some baby dolls for a ride.

Bryn was very discouraged that her baby doll could not ride on the dolphin without assistance. Bryn wanted to use both of her hands to steer the dolphin (and run through the house like a crazy person), not hold on to the baby doll. It was fascinating to watch the little wheels in her head turning as she tried to come up with a solution to this problem. First, she dug through her closet for her Horton the Elephant puppet, which she tried to stick on top of the dorsal fin. This was actually a really good idea, except that the puppet was slightly too small. Undaunted, she moved on to other ideas.

In the end, she dug around until she came up with this ribbon/scarf thing, and then, with no assistance from a parent, she tied her baby doll onto the dolphin's tail to ensure a secure ride.

What's perhaps even better is that when Shay caught sight of this set-up and wanted one too (as Little Sister wants one of everything that Big Sister has), Bryn promptly found a belt and provided an even more secure rigging for Shay's doll on Shay's dolphin. Bryn is really quite the little problem-solver. I'm very impressed with her methods!

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