Friday, September 03, 2010

A Family Album

I would have to say that "The Freshman" by The Verve Pipe was easily one of Top 10 Definitive Songs of My High School Years. It was a great song. Still is. But I hadn't really heard anything about the Verve Pipe since then. Come to find out, they've been around all along and have actually done several albums that I missed. But what makes me wildly over-the-top happy is their newest album, appropriately titled "A Family Album," which my SIL Jill and BIL Jim introduced us to this past weekend.

I love it. Ben loves it. Our kids love it. I seriously cannot wait for Tuesday, when the girls start preschool, so that I can start waking them up every morning to the song "Wake Up." The other day in the car, I actually caught both Bryn and Shay headbanging to "Be Part of the Band" with no prompting from me whatsoever. Bryn, like her aunt Jill, is rather partial to "Cereal," while Shay's favorite is "Suppertime!" and my favorite is "When One Became Two."

For anyone who loved "The Freshman" back in high school--you've got to check this out. For anyone who has young kids--you've got to check this out. For anyone who is looking for a breath of fresh air--you've got to check this out. Yeah, that's you.

You can listen to all the songs and read the lyrics online. Let me know what you think! Here's the link:

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Jill said...

SO glad you all love it! We thought of you when we first heard it! :)