Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreaming of Pizza

An actual conversation during Shay's first diaper change of the the morning...

Me: What do you want for breakfast today, Shay-Shay?
Shay: Pizza!
Me: No, sweetie. How about some cereal?
Shay (happily): I want to eat pizza!
Me: Sorry, pizza isn't a breakfast food.
Shay (still happy): Yes! I do eat pizza for breakfast!
Me (slightly under my breath): Sorry, kid, not until you're in college.
Shay: Okay, I be in college!
Me: What?
Shay: I use my 'magination to be in college!
Me (silence, staring, then laughter)
Shay:.... So I eat pizza now?


Anonymous said...

Guess that's no worse than gma n eating mashed potatoes for 3 meals a day - LOL

Rachel said...

How do you argue with that logic? Seriously...'cause it's only a short time before I'm going to need to know :)