Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching Up: Butler Band Day

I think this is my last "catching up" post, as everything else I have to say has actually happened within the last three days or so.... assuming that I can get it posted in a timely manner. :)

This past Saturday was Band Day at our alma mater, Butler. Since Ben and I met in the marching band, we decided to go. This year, Band Day featured the clarinet, and the director put out a call for alumni clarinets to come and play with the band. Thanks to my recent return to my instrument, I was able to do this. We met up with our fellow band alums Mike and Kathleen(also the one who talked me into joining community band). Our kids played, kind of watched the football game, and cheered wildly for the band.... and a good time was had by all.

Bryn, Shay, and Emily check out the football field.

Clarinet feature--that's me and Kathleen on the end of the front row--

Ben and me in front of the newly renovated football field. It's very, very nice, but looks nothing like the Butler Bowl of our time.

Two couples of BUMB alums..... and six kids between us.

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