Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best-Loved Boys (Part 2)

When Shay got up this morning, I jokingly asked her, "So, are you going to kiss any boys at school today?"

Even in her sleepy state, she nodded that little blonde head of hers and unabashedly said, "Yep!"

"Who?" I demanded.


Because apparently she needs to finish her hat trick.


Ben drove the girls to school today, and as they arrived, they saw Billy walking in. He says that both girls started cheering. "Daddy, Daddy, Billy IS at school today!" As if he's usually not? But apparently it would be easier to kiss him if he was there.

I was surprised that Bryn wasn't upset that Shay was planning on stealing her boy. Or maybe she was just excited to see Billy and not been informed of Little Sass's plans.


When I picked them up, the first thing I did was whisper to Shay, "Did you kiss anyone during school?" I'd had visions of her bringing chaos down on the classroom by chasing down Billy and kissing him, thus throwing at least Bryn, if not also Grant and Alex, into total tailspins. Thankfully, no kissing had occurred.

On the playground after school, both Bryn and Shay chose to play with Billy.... and when I say "play with," I really mean "follow around." Shay was far more outgoing, whereas Bryn kind of hung back adoringly. It's funny, because that's really how I see their personalities growing as they get older too--although of course things may change.

Anyway, I did fill in Billy's dad on the girls' dual crushes, which he found to be pretty amusing. So at least now the poor kid might get a heads-up on the power struggle being waged over him between the Pfan sisters. We also have five days before it's time to go to school again, so hopefully the hotbed of preschool hormones will cool before then. ;)

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