Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 month stats

Liam had his 6-month appointment this week. He handled the shots very well, hardly crying at all and not even needing Tylenol. Tough little guy!

Dr. Z was very impressed with all of Liam's physical skills. He's an incredibly active baby, and he definitely showed this off during his appointment, grabbing at everything within his reach and attempting to roll off the table. He's also quite the charmer, full of smiles and happy noises.

However, it does seem that my little hoss is slowing down with the growing. He's at 17 pounds and 4 ounces, which puts him in the 50th percentile for weight. Nothing to worry about, obviously, but that is down from the 75th percentile at his last visit. When I asked why he might have dipped so much, Dr. Z said not to worry, it's probably just because he's so active. The doctor pointed out that some babies his age aren't even rolling yet, whereas Liam crosses entire rooms, so he's definitely burning some calories. He's also been on just breastmilk, rice cereal, and oatmeal cereal up to this point--so bring on the fruits and veggies!

At the appointment, I was also kind of concerned about his length. He measured at 26 inches, which put him in the 25th percentile. The nurse looked at me, at all of 5'2", and told me that this was nothing to worry about. But I knew, with my 6'2" husband at home, that this was highly unusual for my kids, who had never been that low on the percentile charts before. I also knew that Liam had been in the 80th percentile for length at his last visit. When I asked about the sudden dropoff, the doctor just told me not to worry, that all kids go through growth spurts, and that he would even out. That made good sense, so I stopped worrying. However, when I got home, I did look up his stats from last time and saw that he measured 26 inches at 4 months as well. That basically leads me to the conclusion that the oh-so-precise method of "stretch the kid out, mark the white paper, and hope for the best" did not yield accurate length results this time around, as I know that Liam is longer than he was two months ago, since none of his pants fit lengthwise anymore. So really, I have no idea how long he is.

His head measured at 17 3/4 inches. But since it measured at 18 inches two months ago, I'm thinking that measurement was off too. Apparentently it was a rough day for the tape measure. Really, though, his noggin is still in the 80th percentile. When it's that big, who quibbles about a fourth of an inch?

We also measured the girls while we were there. Bryn weighed in at 41 pounds and 6 ounces and measured 3 feet and 7 inches. Shay was 30 pounds and 4 ounces and measured just over 3 feet. My kids are definitely growing up!!


Kathy said...

I hate how they measure height. haha. We went to one doctor appt one day, the the very next day to the pediatrician...and some how Andrew actually shrunk 1 inch in one day ;)

Cathy said...

True it's imprecise until they can stand on their own. And obvious to anyone that's seen him, Liam's growing just fine. But once they start moving and transitioning to solids, they lose the rate of growth. His body may be ready for more solids. Hooray for fruits and Veggies!