Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Trip to the Gardens

Today the kids and I met up with some friends at White River Gardens. It's rare that we do the Gardens without the zoo, but today was well worth it. We spent the morning enjoying the butterfly exhibit and the gardens, where my budding photographer Bryn got some more practice.

The last time we were there, one of the employees told us that the butterflies are more likely to land on people wearing bright colors, so Bryn picked out a bright yellow dress for herself and a bright yellow shirt for Shay. As you might imagine, Bryn was then over the moon with excitment when her "wish came true" and after she chased this butterfly around for a photo shoot, it then fluttered over to rest on her dress.

Here's the crew of kids, a little sweaty and worn out after playing chase while the mommies enjoyed a relaxing picnic in the gardens: Nathan, Christopher, Bryn, Sam, Shay, and Liam.

And the mommies: Cathy, Rachel, and me.

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Anonymous said...

Bryn takes after Aunt Lindsay and her fascination with nature photography:-) I think it's sweet that she has a hobby so young! Miss you all! Grandma Diane