Thursday, August 12, 2010


About five years ago, we received this Intellitainer as a shower gift for baby-to-be-Bryn. It has received a lot of wear since then. It has been through both of our daughters, as well much use on game nights, some wear by the little boy I used to babysit, and loans to two sets of friends for their daughters. It seems like every time we move it down the basement, we're moving it right back out for someone or other. All told, an excellent purchase! It recently made its way back home after finishinh up its stint with the Julius twins, and it is now awaiting some play by Liam.
In the meantime, though, Shay has rediscovered it! I can't keep her out of that thing! Every time I turn around, she's climbing in it. She usually plays happily for a while (a great testament to the designers of the Intellitainer) before she starts making the face below and shouting (because she thinks that starting with a baby noise is required when in a baby toy), "Ga! Mommy! I stuck! Help me!"

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