Thursday, July 08, 2010

June in Review - Amy

I'm a few days late posting this due to all the Fourth of July festivities, but here's my monthly check-in. I'm still not thrilled with my progress in some of the areas, but I guess I still have six months to go, right?? Or at least that's what I keep telling myself...

1. Read the Bible.
I did fall behind on this for a few days this month, but I am now all caught up.

2. Read at least one pleasure reading book per month.I finished reading Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur, which my Mom To Mom group started during the spring semester but never finished, as there were more chapters in the book than weeks we met. I'm really glad I finished it, as the chapters at the end really turned out to be the most interested to me, particularly the one on Lydia, who I knew basically nothing about before. I also read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (which I already talked about in a previous post) for my MOPS book club. For what it's worth, I liked her writing style (although not that book) so much that I've already read her next one, Something Blue, so I guess I can already check off this goal for July. :)

3. Join some kind of musical group and perform with them.
I actually got out my clarinet and played it. At first it was kind of rough, as I had basically no range at all for those first few minutes, but after a few minutes practicing, it all came back. My practicing did wake Liam up, which I feared would put an early end to my endeavors, but he played contentedly on his play mat and listened to me. Then Bryn refused to stay in her room for "rest time" while something so interested was going on, so she came downstairs and listened too, eventuallly getting out her recorder and joining me for an impromptu duet. All in all, I actually sounded much better than I had any right to hope that I would, although obviously not nearly as good as I did a decade ago, when I was in the habit of playing daily.
On the Fourth of July, our whole family went and heard the community band that I hope to join. The girls loved hearing the band and were excited to think that Mommy could be part of it, promising to come and clap for me. :) I actually planned to go to practice for the first time on Tuesday night and almost made it there, but then several family responsibilities intervened and I was unable to go at the last minute. I do plan on going this coming week though. So I'm getting closer to this one!

4. Blog daily.
I do think I've missed a couple days here and there, but my grand total numbers are still on track.

5. Get back down to (at least) my pre-pregnancy weight.The great weight loss of 2010 has now come to a halt. I really have absolutely no room to complain, as I'm now 15 pounds lighter than I was before getting pregnant. I'd ideally still like to lose 10 pounds, as so to be in my "ideal BMI" range, but I also know that would require fitting an exercise regime of more than just "chase my crazy children around" into my schedule, and that is just not going to happen right now.

6. Get involved in some kind of theatre group and help out with at least one production.Still no progress here.

7. Teach Bryn to read.
It's funny how often strangers ask me if Bryn can read. I can see why they are fooled; she carries around books and stares at them so intently that it looks like she's reading them. Her handwriting has improved vastly over the summer. But we seem to be stalled out on reading. I'm starting to wonder if it will be like every other milestone she has hit, where she just masters it one day out of the blue and we never look back.

8. Potty-train Shay.She's doing great. She's wearing Pull-Ups most days now and often tells us when she has to go potty. Whenever we sit her on it, she always produces something. Unlike her sister (who has just started pooping in the potty this summer), Shay already does #1 and #2 in there. She's incredibly proud of herself and can't wait to wear real "underwear like Brynie." She does still go in her diaper sometime, but she's making great progres.

9. Frame our portraits.
Finished in March. I'll have to frame our new portrait once we get it printed though!

10. Finish up some of my murals.Need to decide which ones to start next....

11. Paint the kids' bathroom.
Ahem..... someday......

12. Get Shay into her big girl room.Achieved in January.

13. Breastfeed Liam.
He's still on 100% breastmilk through the pumping method.

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Andrea said...

I am also convinced that Hannah will just read some day. She's so close - knows all the letters and all the sounds they make - she just doesn't connect that those sounds go together to make a word. I think it will just click one day and then we'll be off and running.

You'll have to tell me what you thought of Something Blue.