Saturday, July 03, 2010

July 3: Let the Fun Begin!

Let the holiday weekend begin!

Since the Fourth of July falls on a Sunday this year, our town did its annual parade this morning instead. Our girls thought that waving their little flags and waving to all the cars was pretty cool.... until they realized that everybody threw candy, at which point it turned into a mad dash-into-the-street free-for-all. Luckily, we had anticipated this and set up close to the start of the parade route, where it wasn't very crowded. There were no other kids anywhere near us, so no one competed with our girls for their candy (unlike last year, when they were getting run over by bigger kids who kept basically snatching the Tootsie Rolls out of their hands). They had a great time, and we were able to make a (relatively) speedy getaway when it started to get too hot out for Liam to stay outside any longer.
We went to church in the evening, and then we took the kids to the local carnival. Liam had a great time riding around with Daddy and taking in all the sights.

Bryn had a wonderful time going on every single child-friendly ride the carnival had to offer, starting the second that we walked in. This was her first one, which she got so excited upon seeing that the attendant let her ride for free, since we hadn't even had time to go buy tickets yet. She can be quite a charmer when she wants to be.

Shay only went on two rides (one of which was the carousel, which the whole family rode, making it Baby's First Ride for Liam), declaring that the rest were "too scary." Maybe she's finally outgrowing some of her daredevil tendencies? That would definitely be a relief for me! In spite of avoiding rides, however, she did want to play the "fishing" game. I thought for sure she'd be too little for it, but much to my surprise, she hooked one of those things almost immediately. Papa Tom would surely be proud!
Here you can see Shay hugging the penguin that she won as a result of her fishing skills.
Of course, no trip to the fair would be complete without funnel cake. With powdered sugar. And chocolate sauce. And an accompanying lemon shakeup. Yum.

More fun and festivities on the way tomorrow!

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Cathy said...

That's Awesome, we haven't been, looks like Fun. Maybe next year.

Mmm....Fair food.