Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Things

Lest you think that our entire last week has been nothing but misery, here are some of the good things that have occurred:

1) On Tuesday night, I went to band practice with the Zville Community Band. My friend Kathleen has been in this band for several years, and I worked with them several years back from a scheduling standpoint when I was managing the Zville PAC. I really enjoyed the rehearsal and was somewhat shocked to discover that I was actually able to sightread some of the music. Not all of it, as we did play two Sousa pieces, which were out of my octave range even when I was good, but some of it. It was great to play with an ensemble again, and I'm looking forward again to going to practice again next week.

2) On Wednesday, I spent the day at Camp Tecumseh. Nationally, it was the 125th anniversary of YMCA (or now, just "Y") camping. Camp T celebrated with a few special events. In the afternoon, I helped run the whole-camp game of the "History Mystery," which involved cabin groups solving clues to guide them to various parts of camp that were built in each decade that camp has been open (starting in the 1920s). I worked the 1990s station with two other former counselors, and we had a great time breaking out our old '90s gear and rocking to '90s music for the event. Then Ben drove the kids up in the evening, and we all enjoyed visiting with old friends celebrating National Campfire.

3) On Thursday, I got to partake in a Girls' Night Out and a yummy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory as a surprise event / baby shower for my friend Carrie, who is currently pregnant with baby #2. It was great to have some time out with just the girls, and it was wonderful to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in quite a while. And delicious, of course.

4) On Friday, Kathleen, Cathy, and I got to introduce our friend Tina to the joys of the Children's Museum. She was in town for a visit with Carrie and was instrumental in helping us set up the surprise shower, then stuck around for an extra morning to play. It had been far too long since the kids and I had been to the museum anyway, so it was a great excuse for a fun morning, and getting to play with Tina and her adorable little man Evan was just the icing on the cake.

5) Bryn spent the whole week attending VBS at Messiah Lutheran, which is the church where I do MOPS. She had such an awesome time! Very different than then 1000-person VBX at our church. While I adore our church, I'm so thankful that we also have close ties to this church, to allow our kids the chance to have some experiences in a small, close-knit church environment too. I love that they can just run wild with the other kids around this church, take themselves to the bathroom, and all that without me having any fear of them getting lost. Bryn sang the VBS songs all week, and since we purchased the cd and listened to it in the car, Shay knew them all by the closing ceremony on Saturday as well.

6) We've got some spoiled kids at our house, because they were lucky enough to have visits from both Nana Helen AND Grammy Tina this week. Ben's mom came down on Tuesday night and stayed with the kids on Wednesday while I was at camp. They had a fantastic time playing with her all day. Then my mom drove over on Friday night, stayed all day Saturday, and went home Sunday afternoon. We did a belated birthday celebration for her this weekend, and in addition to seeing her, we also got to spend some time with my sister Kristin and her boyfriend Brian, which was also wonderful. I think Shay might try to give Kristin a run for her money on Brian's affections though! ;)

Intertwined with all of that, we've kept up our usual repetoire of games, stories, craft projects, playing outside, and general fun. Perhaps not surprisingly, between all of our activities and dealing with everything with the dogs, we were all completely wiped out by the end of the week. We've laid low all day today, mostly just watching movies, doing some crafts, reading stories, and doing puzzles. Hope you're all doing well!

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