Sunday, July 11, 2010

Diaper Drama

I mentioned in my monthly update on this year's goals that Shay is progressing nicely with her potty training and is now in Pull-Ups. Then I wrote yesterday about how she now sleeps in a toddler bed and occassionally likes to lay out her own clother and remove her own dirty diapers. What I did not realize was that these things were a recipe for disaster.

This morning, I realized that Shay's trash can had gotten pretty nasty, largely because she had missed the trash bag when depositing some diapers in there. Ben took it downstairs to clean it, and I didn't give it another thought... until after naptime, when Bryn came running to find me, shouting that Shay "had dog poopy in her box."

Ben and I hurried into Shay's room and found her with no pants on, a Pull-Up around her waist, and a vile stentch in the air. It took us a few minutes to sort out what had happened, but apparently it was this:

Upon waking from her nap, Shay realized that her diaper was wet and, without calling out or letting anyone know she was awake, set out to change it herself. She got the dirty one off successfully, but when she went to put on a new Pull-Up, she put both legs through one hole, thus lodging the whole thing around her waist. She didn't realize this was wrong, though, and commenced to play and read stories to herself as usual, all while not making nosie or calling out, so no one realized she was awake. Unfortunately, she then had a poop. On her floor, because the Pull-Up was around her waist. And she panicked, because she realized that poop was clearly not supposed to go on the floor. So she tried to clean up after herself. She picked up the poop and tried to throw it away. But her trash can was gone. So she cast about for somewhere else to throw the poop, settling on the nearest empty container.... which happened to be a box that we had decorated as a bank during the week of VBX.

So when Bryn entered the room upon hearing Shay crying, she saw a box of poop sitting on Shay's table. While she was mistaken about it being dog poop, she got the basic note of panic in the story correct. Shay was crying hysterically, as the whole experience was pretty traumatizing for her, especially as she realized that her beloved VBX craft was now ruined. So after sanitizing both Shay and her room, we had to have a long talk about how only mommies and daddies change diapers; kids do not. And how if she wakes up, she should call to us so we can come get her. Yeah, the drama just never quits around here!

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