Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Welcome to Summer

Summer is officially here, and we are loving it.

The past week has included a whole lot of nothing for us. It has been really great to just relax after the busy pace of the end of the school year. It's funny: when it's just me, I feel rejuvenated by busyness and take energy from my activities, but when I'm hauling three kids to their activities, it just wears me out. Possibly because they have no concept of time yet, thus no concept of being somewhere on time, thus lots of me forcing them out of whatever fun thing they're doing and into the car.

But I digress. All of that is in the past for us right now. We had basically nothing on the calendar last week, so we mostly played at home. We relaxed, watched some movies, played outside, caught up on some projects, and relaxed some more. Very, very nice. Here are a few of the sweet moments from the week:


Eric Willman said...

It's a shame Liam doesn't seem to know how to relax :).

Andrea said...

Nice! Looks like you might end up spending all your time at the pool this summer too!