Monday, June 07, 2010

VBX Celebrity

Today was our first day of Vacation Bible Xperience (VBX), which is kind of like an uber-VBS. While enrollment technically starts for those heading into kindergarten, those who volunteer can send their kids younger, so my kids have gone since we started attending this church when we moved to Bburg 3 1/2 years ago. This year, I'm a teacher for one of the four 4 year olds, and Bryn is in my class. Shay is one of the 2 year old classes, and Liam is in one of the rooms of the nursery.

It was a fun but exhausting first day. If I ever again state that running around after my own brood of three is tiring, remind me of this week. My class consists of six high-energy 4-year-old boys and Bryn.... a very interesting combination!! It's 4 1/2 hours a day all week, and the timing necessitates that I take some time out in the middle of it for feeding Liam, so things get a bit tricky. Definitely fun, definitely a great experience, but wow, was I wiped tonight!!

At any rate, my funny experience of the day was actually tonight. I was still wearing my intensely bright yellow VBX shirt when I ran to Walmart for some groceries after dinner. While at the store, two different kids pointed me out to their parents, saying, "She works at my VBX!" Since they were older kids and I'm in with the little ones, it was clearly just the shirt that they recognized, but I still felt like a celebrity. I guess wearing sunglasses in public wouldn't have been much of a disguise for the shirt though....

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