Monday, June 14, 2010


It started on Saturday morning. Bryn woke up and told me that she had some "sniffles in her nose." Shay quickly repeated this statement, as she repeats basically everything Bryn says these days. I didn't think much of it, especially since they didn't seem to be affected at all during the day.

At bedtime, the girls again told me that they had "sniffles," but I thought it was just a stall tactic.

Until I woke up on Sunday morning with sniffles of my own. Enough that I blew my nose a few times and felt kind of icky, but I figured they'd clear as the morning went on, as they had for the girls they day before. I asked the girls, and they both assured me that they had sniffles again, but I could see no physical sign of them, so I assumed we'd all be fine.

But by Sunday afternoon, I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. All I wanted to do was sleep, rest on the couch, and sleep some more. Ideally accompanied by some Sudafed. By midnight, I had decided that I needed to upgrade to Benadryl.

By this morning, I had searched out our one remaining box of lotioned Kleenex. I have developed a hacking cough. I cannot breathe through my nose at all. I'm taking Sudafed every four hours (and wondering what this will do to my milk supply, although there has been no reduction thus far). I'm fantasizing about napping on the couch. Shay woke up with her hair crusted to her face from her runny nose. Bryn insists that she, too, is "sick," although I see no signs of it.

Perhaps most pathetic of all, though, is Liam. He has Baby's First Cold and he just doesn't know what to make of it. He keeps sneezing and then looking at me in wide-eyed astonishment like, "What was that??? I didn't like it!" I also have to keep giving his face a good wipe-down, since he obviously can't do that himself, but unlike the girls, he doesn't yell when I do that; he just sits there and takes it. True to his nature, he's still in a good mood, very little fussing, but I've kept him in either a swing or a seat all day, because whenever I try to lay him flat, he starts coughing and kind of gagging on snot. Ewww.

So all in all, I'm thinking that 1) we picked up some kind of bug last week at VBX (shocking, I know, considering to 700 children there) and 2) Ben is probably very glad to be at work this week instead of at home with all of us nasties. Bryn informed me today that since we are all sick (again, the jury is still out on whether or not she actually falls into this category or not), "the dogs will have to take care of us." I can just see them fetching us Kleenex and Gatorade.....

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Jill said...

So sorry you all arn't feeling well! Too bad nurse Jill can't come down to take care of you :( I have found that the 12 hour sudafed works wonders... lasts longer so you don't have to take it so often too!