Thursday, June 17, 2010


Back by popular demand, a few more quotables by Bryn and Shay:

Bryn, showing the influence of Strawberry Shortcake:
"I have an idea! How about if we work TOGETHER!"

Shay, commencing to chase Bryn around the house:
"You're a mermaid. I'm a mean octopus. ROAR!!"

Bryn, saying something that I was hoping wouldn't show up around here until the teenage years:
"Mom!! Shay is RUINING my LIFE!!"

Shay, crying on command, any time I so much look at her when she misbehaves,
"I not bad!"

Bryn, speaking to the chef at the Japanese grill we went to with Dad and Diane on Saturday night:
"Excuse me, excuse me.... You are a very good rice cooker."

Shay, on our way to the zoo yesterday,
"I love sharks! They my friends. I pet them. But I not like dolphins. They scary!"

Bryn, any time she gets mad,
"Oh boomer!"
(I think this is her own personal version of a swear word)


Anonymous said...

Oh boomer . . . Oh bummer? She is too sweet to swear!

amypfan said...

Boomer. Definitely boomer. Because I thought at first that maybe it was bummer too, but not so much.