Friday, June 25, 2010

May in Review - Shay

1 - Grammy, Nana, Papa, and Great-Grandma N visit. Nana gives the girls a big Dora storybook, which Shay loves.

2 - Liam's infant dedication at Connection Pointe. Papa gives Shay a set of 5 "nesting" dolls from Russia.

3 - Trip to Fair Oaks Farms. Shay loves having Hannah ride there and back in the car with us.

4 - Loves to collect rocks in every parking lot and on every playground.

5 - 28.4 pounds

6 - "I love baby Jesus. He my friend."

7 - Likes to carry around her "clip box" (full of barrettes) and name all the colors

8 - Likes to have books in her crib to "read" at naptime and at night

9 - Loves to shout "Happy Mother's Day!"

10 - Gets hair trimmed and does very well sitting still in the big chair

11 - Loves to "drive" the car shopping carts at Kroger

12 - Doesn't like Pete in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"--she thinks he's scary

13 - Great-Grandma and Al visit. Shay loves to cuddle Great-Grandma!

14 - MOPS childcare workers comment on how fearless Shay is on the playground with the bigger kids

15 - "I like mini-golf. It not scary!"

16 - Wants to cuddle with in big bed with Mommy before going to sleep in her own crib every night

17 - Says "no swiping!" (like Dora) when she doesn't want someone to take something

18 - Loves to play with old Fisher Price dollhouse

19 - Dentist appointment. Does very well for hygienist but doesn't want Dr. S to look in her mouth

20 - In the habit of saying "BAH!" to people (like we do to the dogs) when she is mad at them

21 - Loves playing with sand table on the front porch

22 - Likes playing with tea set and balloons at Lyla's first birthday party

23 - Hannah's 4th birthday party; Shay likes playibng with the PlayDoh set Hannah received.

24 - Shay has on six Band-Aids.... and loves them!

25 - needs to have a talk with Mommy about the importance of telling the truth

26 - loves to play with Little People, organizing them into groups all over the downstairs

27 - Loves to watch "Dora" and "Diego" movies; would do it nonstop if we let her!

28 - Loves to play "Ring Around the Rosy"

29 - Tecumseh Family Camp: loves Black Hole, Fort Discovery, hoppers, campfire, singing grace at meals (especially "Johnny Appleseed"), and riding brown pony Flicka

30 - has tons of fun playing in backyard sprinkler

31 - first trip of the season to neighborhood pool; finds a frog in the kids' pool

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