Friday, June 25, 2010

May in Review - Liam

1 - Meets Great-Grandma N; Nana, Papa, and Grammy also visit

2 - infant dedication at Connection Pointe Christian Church. Liam is perfectly behaved.

3 - First trip to Fair Oaks Farms

4 - Really focusing on people's faces

5 - two-month immunizations. Weighs 12 pounds, 12 ounces. Is 23 3/4 inches long. Head is 16 1/2 inches around. Liam is in the 75th percentile for every measurement.

6 - Sleepy, but doesn't seem to be in any pain from shots.

7 - Such a great smile!

8 - Very alert and looks right into people's faces

9 - Good cuddler with Mommy for Mother's Day

10 - Grasping at toys and people's fingers

11 - Looks expectantly at swing mobile to hear music

12 - Bryn loves to hold Liam and give him bottles

13 - Meets Great-Grandma and Al B, who visit en route from Florida to Michigan

14 - Successfully transitions to drinking out of a normal bottle (instead of the Haberman)!

15 - Rides with Daddy in the Baby Bjorn while the family mini-golfs

16 - First time in the church nursery; no problems at all adjusting

17 - Bats at toys hanging above him on play mat

18 - Sleeps on Mommy in Baby Bjorn during Bryn's dance class

19 - Likes it when Bryn plays with his T Rex stuffed animal with him

20 - Rotates himself 180 degrees on his play mat (pivoting around his stationary head)

21 - Usually only up once in the night

22 - Very well-behaved during busy day of MOPS barbeque, Lyla's 1st birthday party, and Bryn's dance recital

23 - cries are loud and strong

24 - Spits up tons of milk all over Mommy and Daddy's bed

25 - Reaches up and grabs toys above play mat

26 - Starts rocking and trying to roll any time he is put down on a flat surface

27 - A master of scooting around his play mat

28 - Smacks lips to let us know when he's hungry

29 - Baby's first trip to Camp Tecumseh (for Family Camp)

30 - Sleeps most of the day to recover from adventures at camp

31 - First trip to neighborhood pool (and sleeps through it)

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