Friday, June 25, 2010

May in Review - Bryn

I just realized that I never posted these for last month. Also, while looking over the past month's posts to see if they were hiding anywhere in there, I also discovered that recent posts have had a higher-than-average amount of typos. Is it too late for me amend my previous statement about not suffering any side effects from the Topomax? Anyway, here are last month's kid calendars, starting with Bryn....

1 - Grammy, Nana, Papa, and Great-Grandma visit. Nana gives the girls a big Dora storybook.

2 - Liam's infant dedication at Connection Pointe. Papa gives Bryn a set of 10 "nesting" dolls from Russia.

3 - Trip to Fair Oaks Farms. First time on the bus tour, which Bryn really enjoys.

4 - Works on Mother's Day surprise (a clay handprint) at school.

5 - 39.4 pounds

6 - Loves to write letters and numbers and frequently asks how to spell words.

7 - Loves soccer Coach Doug; thinks he's "silly."

8 - Likes to watch "Ni-Hao Kai-Lan" on Nick Jr. website

9 - Draws Mommy some beautiful pictures for Mother's Day.

10 - Gets hair cut in a short reverse bob - looks SO grown up!

11 - Plays at "indoor park" at school (all climbing toys set up in big open room)

12 - Likes to do the hula dance

13 - Great-Grandma and Al visit. Bryn thinks Al is really funny.

14 - Getting really good at dribbling soccer ball in and out of cones.

15 - Loves her first time playing mini-golf; hits with the very front of the club.

16 - Loves to help Daddy with outdoor projects, especially planting seeds.

17 - Loves to eat blackberries.

18 - Last dance class; preview dance for parents. Song is "Music Tickles My Toes" for tap dance.

19 - Loves to help Daddy work on laying bricks for front yard landscaping.

20 - End of the year program at St. Andrew's. Does great with all the words and motions!

21 - Dress rehearsal for dance recital. Gets to wear makeup!

22 - SO excited to receive four pink roses at the end of dance recital.

23 - Hannah's 4th birthday party. Bryn gets all muddy playing in the sprinkler.

24 - Bryn loves putting Band-Aides on every owie she and Shay get.

25 - Loves to do pages in the preschool activity book Mommy bought for summer "study."

26 - Loves using child scissors to cut out shapes; very precise with lines.

27 - Keeps busy daily with her "work" during naptime.

28 - Loves to build forts by stretching blankets over tables, chairs, shelves, etc.

29 - Tecumseh Family Camp: Bryn loves Black Hold, trail ride on white horse Minnie, hoppers, ringing the meal bell, riding on the tractor, walking on the suspension bridge, and much more!

30 - Has tons of fun playing in backyard sprinkler.

31 - First trip of the season to neighborhood pool; finds a frog in the kids' pool!

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