Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day at the Pool(s)

We started out this morning with swim lessons. Bryn's started last week, so she was an old pro by her second one today. Bryn's are just the kids in the water with the teacher, and in addition to learning swim basics, they get to play on some cool splash toys.

Shay's swim lessons started this morning. In her class, the parents get in the water with the kids. I got in with her this week, and next week Ben will get in with her while I keep an eye on Liam and applaud Bryn's class. This week was "assessment week," so mostly we did our own thing, although the teacher did say that there would be an actual "lesson" next week.
The girls both had such a good time at swim lessons that they didn't want to get out of the water at the end. It was a gorgeous day, so we decided just to keep on their suits and proceed straight to our neighborhood pool. We were the first ones to get there, actually waiting for them to open the gates right at 11:00, so we had the whole pool to ourselves for a little bit. Ben's parents were down visiting, and the girls absolutely loved having more than enough willing arms to hold them in the pool.

In spite of plenty of sunscreen, blondie Shay was a little lobster by the end of a few hours and didn't even want to eat lunch before falling, exhausted, into bed for a nap. She was up and going at it hard again a few hours later, though, as we went to a baby shower for our friends Kristen and Dan to celebrate the impending arrival of their first. All in all, both a full and fun day!

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Krysten said...

You look really good Amy! You should certainly be proud of yourself! Enjoy those swim lessons! I am both envious of your looks and your ability to swim! :)