Saturday, June 05, 2010

Comes In Threes

They say that bad things come in threes. This certainly seems to have been the case around here over the last few days.

On Thursday night, I apparently tempted fate by having an evening of three good things, all sans children. First I had dinner with my friends Kara and Angie from back in the ZCHS days, then I went to a VBX prep meeting at church, and then I finished up the night by meeting with my book group at Starbucks. This was where the trouble started, although I didn't realize it until later.

Because I get so little time sitting with my hands free (meaning: without kids tugging on them), I use the opportunity to knit whenever I can, as I am several projects behind where I would like to be. So when heading in to book club, I just stuck my book and my wallet in my knitting bag and left my purse in the car. My knitting bag is just a cheap canvas tote without any kind of closures on it, and apparently my wallet fell out of it and got lost in the depths of the very comfy chair that I was lounging in. I, however, was lost in the joys of good conversation and adult companionship, and did not notice.

Until Friday mid-morning. I suspected that I knew exactly where the wallet was, as I knew that I had used it at Starbucks to purchase a delectable hot chocolate, and as it was no longer in my knitting bag, my purse, or the car, that was the only logical location for it. But I couldn't call the store to track it down, because my phone had broken--thus Bad Thing #2.

I was down in the basement, digging through a tote full of baby clothes, when I noticed that my leg was kind of sore underneath where I keep my cell phone in my pocket. I figured that I had probably banged my leg on something while moving the totes and stuck my hand in my pocket to rearrange the phone. This was when I realized that it hurt because MY PHONE WAS BURNING ME. I pulled it out and deposited it on the counter. It didn't get any cooler; if anything, it continued heating up. I turned it off to give it a chance to cool down. About an hour later, it had reached a normal temperature, but then it wouldn't turn back on. It was completely fried. We have no home phone, so I was basicallly incommunicado until Ben got home.

When he got home, I did call Starbucks and learn that they did, in fact, have my wallet. We went there and picked it up, with everything intact. I even got to talk to the employee who found it, who said that she picked it up almost as soon as I walked out. Phew. We then headed over to Verizon to attempt to get my phone fixed, but we arrived about five minutes after they closed. Grr.

This morning, we went back to Verizon. They replaced the phone battery, which got my phone to turn back on. It immediately began to heat up again, and about five minutes later, scalded the hand of the store employee, who told me that I would have to go back to the store where I purchased it (barely a month ago) and have them get me a new one under the warranty. Again, grr. Bryn and I then set off on some errands while Ben took the other kids home. This led to Bad Thing #3, the death of the van.

I blame this on Dora the Explorer. Shay cried and begged to watch Dora on the portable DVD player in the car while driving home from Verizon, and her nice daddy gave in. When arriving home, he let her continue to sit in the van and watch it while he got various household projects done. After watching all four episodes on the disc, she came inside. An hour after that, Ben says he happened past the garage door and heard Dora's theme music, realized that the DVD player was still on, and went out to shut it off.

Fast-forward to four hours later, after naps, when we had all three kids loaded in the car, ready to head out for haircuts. The car would not start. Not even give a sputter. Apparently Dora had drained the engine good. So good that even with jumper cables hooked up to the Jeep, it took a full hour and a half before the van acquired enough of a charge for the engine to come back to life. No haircuts were gotten, but we did manage to make it to the other Verizon before it closed.... only to find out that they had none of my phone model available and would have to have one FedExed to me. It will not arrive until Wednesday, and all of that could have been achieved by phone. Again, grrr.

I guess I should just be grateful that two of our three potential crises worked out just fine, and the third hopefully will as well by midweek. In the meantime, call Ben instead of me if you want to talk to our family. :)

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