Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Little Boy

For all you Baby Liam fans out there (which should be all of you!!), here's a video of the little man himself. Couldn't let him feel neglected amidst all the recent video action of his big sisters! He doesn't actually do much besides look cute in this video.... but then, that's what he does best!!

As of today, I finally got my act together enough to get allo his 3-6 month clothes washed and in his drawers. I've been really sad to put his 0-3 month things away, but there's just no way he's fitting in them anymore. He just looks so big to me! So out of curiousity, I took a look at Bryn and Shay's baby calendars. Shay weighed in at 12 lb 10 oz at four months. Bryn (who was rejected for life insurance as a baby because her BMI earned her the label of "obese") was 12 lb 8 oz at three months. But our little man was 12 lb 12 oz at a mere two months! He was also bigger at birth, and I know boys tend to be bigger in general, but good grief--no wonder he looks so big to me!! I'm going to take him in for a weight check this coming week to see how he's measuring at 3 months.

He's also ahead on milestones. I shouldn't be too shocked by this, I guess, since he started rolling from belly to back when he was less than two weeks old! But he's darn close to rolling from back to front as well. Every time I put him down on a flat surface, he immediately starts trying to roll, and he gets SO mad that his arm keeps getting in the way and he can't get all the way over yet. So he's spending a lot of time on his side right now. He's also a master of scooting. I put him down on his play mat and before I know it, he's rotated himself 180 degrees from where I put him. He kind of keeps his head in the same spot and rotates around there, but he's also been known to move his entire body. I think we're going to have a hard time keeping up with him as he gets bigger!
He drinks milk voraciously and would be totally content to be sucking down a bottle constantly, if only I had time to give him one around the clock. Silly sisters needing attention too.... He smacks his little lips to tell us that he's hungry (all the time!) and is already working the tongue-push reflex. Although I waited a little longer with the girls, I wonder if he'll be ready to start solids right at four months.
And so, tonight I leave you with the latest image of our future rock star:

Tomorrow: baby's first trip to Camp T!

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amypfan said...

As an additional note, we did the old "weigh Ben with and without Liam and subtrac the difference" method this weekend and learned that the boy is now up to more than 14 pounds. I'm going to take him in for an official weight weight check this week to see how much he really is at 3 months. Good grief!!