Saturday, May 15, 2010


This week, one of our local elementary schools set up a putt-putt course. The high ability fourth and fifth grade class designed and built the entire 18 hole course. It was incredibly well-run, also featuring food donations from local places, music, and other games. It was open all this week, and in spite of having several rainy days, the kids raised over $8000 to donate to help people with spinal cord injuries. Very, very cool.

Here's a few shots of our little golfers in action:
"I like golf! It not scary!" - an actual quote from Shay

Interesting form, Bryn.
"I know my ball is under here somewhere!"

Jumping up and down - "I did it!"

First father/son golf outing


Cathy said...

So Cute! With all the illness around here, I totally forgot to go. So glad they did well! Maybe they'll bring it back...a girl can hope.

SuperSillyAunt said...

How fun! Your girls remind me so much of mine. Bryn is a lot like Alexis and Shay is a lot like Kaylee. Reading about them is like reminiscing for me :)