Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Camp

This Saturday, we drove up to our beloved Camp Tecumseh to enjoy Family Camp. Technically this is a Friday through Sunday event, but we didn't figure that anyone (including us) would want to share a cabin with our children, so we just made it a day trip. Bryn remembered all the fun from last fall. Shay said she did too, but it's hard to say if she really did or if she was just repeating what her big sister said. In any case, both girls were in a fever pitch of excitement before we even got there and hit the ground running.

Here's my little "I only wear dresses" princess after willingly crawling on her belly through the dark, scary, filthy underground "mine shaft" of Fort Discovery. I love that camp encourages kids to try things they'd never do at home--and love them!

Here's our "happy camper" on his first trip to Tecumseh. He held up great and seemed to enjoy himself in spite of the heat. And let it be said that I was far more comfortable than I was during our trip last fall, when I was dragging my pregnant, ankle-swollen, migraine-laden self through all the activities!
During our last trip to camp, the thing that Bryn loved best was the trail ride. In fact, she loved it so much that she did it twice. During that trip, she rode a horse named Minnie twice. She remembered all of this and begged us for Minnie for days before this trip. We explained to her that we didn't get to choose, so she very politely asked the stable crew when we got there. Luckily they were able to grant her request. Although I did walk along and guide the horse, she handled it well, patting her and giving directions. And she totally cracked me up with her conversation. At one point during the ride, she turned to me and said sweetly, "It's a beautiful day for a horse ride!" Here they are again: Brynie and Minnie.

If one can measure dedication to camp by the age at which trail rides begin, then we are definitely camp crazies, as our two-year-old rode a horse this time around. She begged and begged in the days preceding our trip, and since we know and trust the Tecumseh equestrian trainers and are quite familiar with the trail (having walked it once a week during each week that we worked there), we decided to go for it. The helmet was far too big for her, so we'll be packing her bike helmet the next time we go, but aside from that, it was a perfect experience. In fact, she (okay, Ben) seemed to have far better control of her horse than the girl who rode in between she and Bryn! (This is no doubt due to me and Ben's awesome horse-guiding.... and pile-of-poop dodging.... skills.) Shay's pony was named Flicka, and she hasn't stopped talking about her yet. We may have two little future equestrians on our hands! As for Liam, he didn't get to ride a horse yet (since he can't sit upright on his own yet and all), but he did join us for the trail ride, carried by Ben in the Baby Bjorn.

We decided to forego lake activities this time on account of the boy cub, but we did take the kids up to the suspension bridge, which we had not done last time. Before we even got to exploring the bridge itself, though, they got up close and personal with some nature in the form of this cute little turtle.... don't worry, no touching was allowed.
We have tons more great stories and pictures, so I'll have to pick up at this point later, but for the time being, sleep calls. Good night, friends!

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