Friday, May 07, 2010

April in Review - Shay

1 - gorgeous weather! Plays outside on swingset and blows bubbles

2 - lunch with Daddy at park near his work; loves playing on playground - very adventurous

3 - Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Lindsey visit for the day

4 - loves wearing her Easter dress so much that she insists on keepign bloomers and tights on with her pajamas

5 - trip to the zoo with Lauren and Parker. Shay is scared of the dolphins.

6 - Uncle Brian comes over for one last visit before moving to Los Angeles

7 - has started waking up crying in the night and wants to be cuddled

8 - Bryn makes Shay laugh by filling her crib with all her stuffed animals while Shay is in it

9 - Bryn's first soccer practice - Shay is on the field with the big kids and desperately wants a ball to kick!

10 - Hailey's 1st birthday party - Shay loves throwing plastic balls down from the upstairs landing with Bryn and Hannah

11 - likes to cuddle in the big bed with Mommy, Daddy, and Bryn before going to bed in her own crib

12 - incredibly fussy - cries all morning and only wants Mommy to hold her

13 - thinks that shopping at Dollar General (which she calls "the kid store") is the greatest

14 - loves to watch the singing parts of "Glee" (which she calls "Gee") with Mommy

15 - loves her blue water bottle with the straw, compartment for snacks, and carrying strap - wants to take it everywhere

16 - more excited about Bryn's soccer practice than Bryn is - especially now that she has her own ball to kick around the sidelines

17 - Brett's 2nd birthday party - Shay loves running around and playing in the sandbox with Brett, Bryn, and Hannah

18 - goes to her own Sunday school class (Turtles) at 9:30 and Bryn's class (Kangaroos) at 11:00 while Daddy works in there

19 - comes crying to Mommy over everything - very fussy, wants to be cuddled and held all the time

20 - Aunt Kristin babysits and bakes a cake with the girls

21 - declares that Hannah is her "best friend"

22 - loves "pink bagels" (cranberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese) from Einstein Brothers

23 - rainy weather means Shay gets to carry around her beloved Dora umbrella

24 - loves to hold her baby brother (with Mommy or Daddy's supervision)

25 - checks out a Miss Pattycake DVD from the church library and loves it

26 - watchs "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie and thinks the chipmunks are cute

27 - loves all things "Dora" - fruit snacks, DVDs, and shoes

28 - Shay and Bryn love to play nakie chase after baths

29 - Children's Museum with E's, W's, and L's. Shay is afraid of the dinosaurs but loves the Playscape water area.

30 - loves to open the door to walk in and out of Chick-Fil-A playplace over and over again

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